Building API Integration Skills on MuleSoft Partner Day

October 1, 2019 Michael Brumitt

For any software developer, learning is an ongoing process, and keeping up with the latest tools is crucial for creating applications that meet increasing user expectations. As software developers wrestle with how to integrate different data sets to bring their applications to life, the digital integration platform MuleSoft is emerging as the answer to their API challenges. 

As a MuleSoft partner, Appirio is helping clients put this innovative integration platform to work and take advantage of the benefits it offers. Any tedious or time-consuming tasks can be loaded onto MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, a cloud-based tool that can bring new efficiencies to your development, testing, and deployment process. 

Appirio recently hosted MuleSoft Partner Day on September 9, in Pune, Maharashtra, to provide some learning opportunities to our development teams. This day-long event gave new users some hands-on exposure and provided connectivity experts with insights on the cutting-edge integration developments. It was the first of its kind for India and was attended by both Appirio and MuleSoft leadership.

Learning, Gamification, and Cupcakes: MuleSoft Partner Day Activities

With over 150 attendees, the day’s sessions included demo-building workshops, the latest MuleSoft updates, and how Salesforce and MuleSoft can be used together. Here are just a few highlights:

MuleSoft Partner Day with Appirio in Pune, India

  • The event began with keynote addresses from Suyash Awasthi, Global MuleSoft Practice Leader at Appirio, and Vikram Kulkarni, Senior Director for Global Partner Enablement at MuleSoft. They discussed the current state of the MuleSoft practice, growth outlook, and why the practice is critical for Appirio and Wipro, emphasizing the importance of MuleSoft as a platform for innovation, not just another integration solution.
  • Shashidhar Gurumurthy, Technical Enablement Director for MuleSoft, conducted the Training and Enablement sessions, which were gamified to ensure continuous audience engagement throughout the day. The Appirio team also provided a game-themed way to learn with MuleSoft Jeopardy, putting developers’ expertise to the test.
  • A MuleSoft hackathon took place using Wipro’s Top Coder platform, the world's largest crowdsourced network of designers, developers, and data scientists. The goal was to create and publish a series of system, process, or experience APIs, and the activity was open to all Wipro employees, not just the company’s usual MuleSoft practitioners.
  • The MuleSoft Architect Reframe session used role-playing to allow its participants to design and present an architecture solution using MuleSoft as the core integration platform. The focus was on where to position the MuleSoft and how to spread the message "Land and Expand."
  • The MuleSoft Catalyst Knowledge Hub Trailhead challenge let attendees show off their integration skills, with over 20 new MuleSoft users completing this trailhead.

The Appirio and MuleSoft Partnership: Expanding Knowledge + Innovation

MuleSoft Partner Day’s education and activities were not only a way of expanding skills and building teamwork among our development specialists but also a means of showcasing how Appirio and MuleSoft’s partnership is laying the groundwork for future innovations in digital integration. Any organization that takes advantage of this collaboration will be leveraging two sources of expertise: MuleSoft’s capability to connect multiple applications, devices, and data sources in its API-led integration framework; and Appirio’s ability to deliver a comprehensive implementation solution that will be the foundation for unified cross-platform experiences. 

“Using the MuleSoft platform, the customer can not only integrate their enterprise systems, but also unlock new revenue channels, improve customer experiences, and achieve continuous innovation with an integrated enterprise view powered by data and insights that drive critical business decisions. MuleSoft’s platform capabilities, fueled by Appirio’s deep strategy to support solution capabilities, present a great business opportunity for Appirio.” -  Suyash Awasthi

The collaboration between Appirio and MuleSoft is poised to have a major effect on the software industry, as Vikram Kulkarni explains:

“We’re excited to work with Appirio to better educate the market on the potential of MuleSoft’s API-led approach to integration. By leveraging reusable APIs, organizations can accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and develop significant competitive advantage.”

The partnership with MuleSoft has positioned Appirio as one of the leaders in digital integration solutions. Anindya (Andy) Chaudhuri, Appirio’s Global Business Head, remarks,

“We are aggressively investing in expanding our MuleSoft practice to help our customers bridge integration gaps, enable API-led connectivity, and ensure the success of their digital journey.” 

As the partnership continues, Appirio will continue to deliver the expertise and leadership needed to solve development challenges and ensure developers have the tools they need to reach new levels of innovation.

Appirio’s MuleSoft Offering

Data that’s siloed is not just a problem for developers, but for an entire organization. MuleSoft can help organizations avoid this difficulty by connecting data sources, applications, and devices and enable developers to simply their API tasks. By investing in expanding our MuleSoft skills and expertise through an event like the Partner Day, we enhance our ability to deliver the data integration solutions that enterprises are seeking. Appirio’s MuleSoft practice is based on four key areas:

  • Alliance: As a MuleSoft premium partner, we equip our employees with the latest Anypoint updates and pinpoint which new opportunities are in reach. 
  • Competency: With an array of API and MuleSoft certifications, our team has the skills and knowledge to create customizable, scalable strategies that will enable long-term growth.
  • Solutions: Assessing and analyzing a customer’s infrastructure are the first steps in determining where improvements can be made, and we’ll devise a strategy for simplifying the development process. 
  • Delivery: Our team won’t stay on the sidelines. We’ll collaborate with a customer during the implementation phase to execute and ensure that new efficiencies and productivity are a working reality. 

Each of these components was in evidence during MuleSoft Partner Day as our latest step in showing our commitment to expanding our teams’ knowledge and skills. As MuleSoft solutions increase in demand, Appirio will deliver solutions that enable businesses to overcome their integration hurdles and streamline their development process. 

Whether it’s the ability to create seamless customer experiences, improve collaboration, or increase efficiencies, new achievements are in reach for those who are willing to learn and adapt to changing demands. Appirio will continue to work in conjunction with MuleSoft to give our teams the tools they need to expand their skills and deliver solutions that will drive our clients’ success.

Contact us today to assess your MuleSoft practice and gain some new insights. 


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