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June 9, 2017 Kellie Hiatt

The war for talent is over and talent has won. The major shifts in the talent market in the past decade have changed the way potential job seekers look, apply, and even entertain a new job opportunity. So what does this mean for talent acquisition? A new style of recruiting has emerged — one that is brand-led and deeply rooted in relationships.

Candidates today are informed consumers. They want to learn about an organization through a variety of channels before they are willing to apply or even entertain a conversation with a recruiter. They’ll read employee testimonials on Glassdoor, check out your careers page, review your LinkedIn page, browse your job openings, probably even bounce over to Twitter and Facebook, and maybe even watch a few YouTube videos. They do all of this to get an authentic view of what life is really like at your organization.

But what if after all that, they still aren’t ready to apply to a job? Let’s say they’re happy with their current role and organization, but they like what they saw from your online presence and are interested in your company. What happens next? Who reaches out to them? Do you lose all that interaction with your brand and organization?

Or what if they want to apply but there isn’t a job available at the moment that aligns with their experience, skills, and interest? Where do these people go? How can they find out more or make contact with an appropriate resource? Do they get lost in the black-hole of the ATS by applying to an ill-fitting job description?

At Appirio, we want to create genuine relationships with folks who are interested in joining Appirio — now or later down the road.  So we created the Talent Hub. The Talent Hub is a one-stop shop to discover more about what we do, how we do it, and what makes working at Appirio, a different experience. It’s easy and simple to join.

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