Appirian Pat Solum Bridges Talent Gap at Dreamforce

October 14, 2019 Joe Shearer

Senior Consultant Pat Solum has found plenty of success in his career at Appirio. But you don’t get to be a four-time Dreamforce presenter without a solid take on career and industry.
For Pat, it’s pretty simple: No one gets there alone.

Pat Solum at Salesforce Community Theater

After taking a position in consulting three years ago, he made a startling realization.

“I didn't know what the hell I was doing,” he said.

Living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Pat found an opportunity to grow the mentorship and community opportunities for Salesforce users, admins, and developers. So he co-founded the Sioux Falls Salesforce Community Group.

He established regular national Community Group calls open to all Community Group Leaders, and soon learned his way around the Salesforce ecosystem--kind of a Community Group for Community Group Leaders.  Soon Pat was named a Salesforce MVP, championing the causes of receiving help and helping others. Along the way he established some processes and became a leader in mentoring.

This year Pat with some friends he met in the Salesforce Community decided to assemble a presentation on mentorship and helping others in building and advancing their careers. It was a hit, getting chosen for NorCal Dreamin’ in June, then Witness Success in August, then Florida Dreamin’ in September, and soon after he received word that Dreamforce wanted this presentation as well.

The presentation, “Bridging the Gap Between Managers, Recruiters, and Talent,” discusses the disconnect between those three parties and how through working together each of them can create an environment to help find the right talent for career opportunities and to help those seeking a career in Salesforce to position themselves to be more attractive to managers and recruiters.

Finding that elusive first job in the Salesforce ecosystem is the toughest part, Pat said. Yet by helping the workforce make themselves more appealing to recruiters and managers, and on the flip side, making it easier for managers and recruiters to locate the right people, Pat’s strategy helps shorten the learning curve for everyone and build stronger teams more efficiently.  

It's easy to see Pat's success, but, as his presentation indicates, he didn't get there alone. Departments, offices, and companies work on the strength of teamwork and mentorship Pat says he's had a mentor in every position he's ever worked in. Now is no exception.

"Nobody gets there alone," he said. "You should always have somebody that's helping you, and you should always have people you're helping. That's the gist of it. I just like seeing people hit that next level." 


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