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October 18, 2018 Jake Rust and Alan Kaufman

Your worst nightmare has presented itself: It’s 30 minutes before the end of the work day. Your Payroll Manager is on vacation in a far-off country, payroll’s scheduled to be run the next day, and everything is perfectly aligned for you to hit the “Complete” button. But instead of the well-oiled machine of your dreams working rhythmically to pay workers’ well-earned wages — you notice something odd. In your pre-payroll audits, you realize that the hours carried over through your Third-Party Timeclock integration file appears to be the prior period’s values. As a clammy bead of sweat rolls down your forehead, you exasperatedly scream, “Oh, no! Where do I go from here?”

Footloose and fancy free

The beauty of being a client with Appirio’s Thrive service is that you’re not alone in your hour of need. In fact, you’ve got a host of technically proficient Workday Engineers ready and waiting to assist you. With a staff that works around the clock on three continents, you can hand your issue off to us, and know that our team will be hard at work, resolving your implementation problems while you sleep peacefully.

So, what happened to the client in this very real ‘nightmare scenario’? First, the Appirio Workday Thrive team communicated a quick fix — which had our payroll clients cancel retroactively, delete the Batch ID containing the incorrect hours, then relaunch their integration file housing the correct period amounts. This quick fix allowed their payroll to look perfect — well, almost.  

Another audit check warned our team that Nightmare Company’s terminated employees had a problem. Their inputs were incomplete, because two Earnings contained in the integration file were missing within the Workday configuration. 

Coming to the rescue

Appirio’s Thrive team encounters this issue often: where fixing one issue then points to another that was simply waiting to rear its ugly head. So we went back to work to resolve the secondary problem. The original Thrive Engineer, who first responded to this case, stayed late to ensure that there was a clear hand-off to the next resource, in the off-chance he couldn’t personally resolve the issue. His tag-team Engineer joined in, and found the root cause of the missing data. It appeared that the eligibility for the Earnings did not allow for terminated employees to calculate as a sub-period. Once the issue was pinpointed, Appirio Thrive made a modification, made a test run, and were happy with the results. 

The client walked into work the next morning with a solution waiting in their Inbox. They did their own test, saw the positive results, made the change in Production, and followed the resolution script. Their smile was the final outcome from this Payroll nightmare.

This story is based on facts. No names were changed to protect the innocent. This does happen. Whether it’s a Payroll issue, an Open Enrollments issue, an Absence issue, a Security issue, an Integration issue, a Financials issue, or even a problem with your Business Process, Appirio’s Workday Thrive crew is ready for the challenge. We want you to sleep better at night knowing that we have your back. 

For more Thrive and Workday resources, visit the Appirio Hub, or reach out directly to our Thrive experts.

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