A Recap: Appirio’s Annual Company Meeting

May 5, 2017 Appirio

By: Katie Boehner


Those of us in the United States are familiar with the Super Bowl, the annual football championship that elicits roughly 111 million viewers. It requires an incredible level of preparation, skill, and passion from the players involved, and is the crown jewel of their careers. Laying the groundwork may be tough and the hours exhausting, but to the lucky few who make the cut, it is all worth it. We all have a “Super Bowl” to some degree. It may be a marketing campaign launch, a project go-live, or achievement of a goal. For me, it is Appirio’s Annual Company Meeting.

The San Francisco crew

The Annual Company Meeting is the single day of the year that all 1,859 of us go offline and focus on each other. We leave the remoteness of our home offices to join together for a celebratory day in person. This year, the meeting was held just a few blocks away from our headquarters in Indianapolis, with an amazing 200 Appirians in attendance. A record-breaking 32 sites across the globe also gathered to join in on the fun! A spirited feeling of teamwork was felt from San Francisco to Tokyo, Bangalore to Atlanta, Dublin to … alright, alright, you get the (global, lively, and enthused!) picture.

Some of the Bay area crew kicking off the day with breakfast

The purpose of the Company Meeting is to get everyone aligned on our business for the year ahead, recharge, and have fun being together as a team. The content of the meeting is as varied as it is poignant. This year, we spent time focusing on our key strategies that will guide the company in the year ahead. We recognized a significant number of undoubtedly deserving Appirians for their contributions: Team, Teammate, Project Team, Volunteer of the Year, and more!

The Dallas, TX crew

We also focused on something that speaks to my passion: the Appirio Worker Experience. Our customers are familiar with the concept of the Virtuous Cycle;  happy workers help create happy customers, and both together enhance the bottom line. Truly a win-win-win. The Company Meeting was the perfect time to showcase Appirio’s commitment to practicing what we preach and presenting our continuous plan to enhance each and every employee’s engagement.

A crew gathered in Albany, NY for the meeting

Some of my favorite pieces this year were the segments designed to “bring it home” for our folks. We shared stories (no one will ever forget Mike’s enthusiastic, though misguided, company-wide email to stock “Hawaiian Sh*%ts” in the company store, when he meant to suggest the garment!) and talked to folks on the ground in a panel format. This gave us each the opportunity to learn how the many incredible wheels in this company turn together, and what makes each of us unique and critical to its success.

This may have been a long-winded way to say that the Annual Company Meeting is a showcase of everything that makes Appirio a spectacular company and a “career home” to so many. We work hundreds of days throughout the course of the year, and somehow it only takes one to reignite the passion that led us here. My work for next year’s Company Meeting has already begun, and I have all the confidence in the world that in one year, I will be writing another blog post about it’s far-reaching motivation and unbridled unity.






Sensory baskets and Barbin bingo in Atlanta, GA!

After all, laying the groundwork is tough, and I’ll be the first to tell you that the hours are exhausting. However, through all of my years here at Appirio, there has never once been a doubt: it is absolutely all worth it!

A crew gathered poolside for the meeting in Austin, TX

We wrapped the day with a champagne toast for the year ahead!

Want to attend next year’s company meeting? Well we’re hiring — join us!



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