An “Intern”esting Experience — Appirio Style

September 26, 2017 Appirio

By: Braxton Krieg

My internship experience at Appirio was far from ordinary. From the dress code to employee communication, everything is completely different from a standard corporate office. I have realized through my time at Appirio, that the environment within a company has a large impact on the success of the organization. Appirio stresses the satisfaction of their employees because the company believes when workers are happy, customers are happy — and visa versa. (This is called the Virtuous Cycle, and you can learn more on our Virtuous Cycle blog.)

One key factor for happiness is for employees to feel comfortable. The Appirian dress code basically anything goes — assuming there is still a level of professionalism — making for a very relaxed work space. I like to switch up my wardrobe every once in awhile. Some days I will wear a polo and khaki pants, and other days I will wear a t-shirt and jeans. Participation in the casual dress code is very high within the office as well, and I never feel out of place when I decide to dress casual.

Another great part of working at Appirio is the emphasis on team-building through off-site events. My team and I have been to multiple outings together, and they make for a great bonding experience. For example, we went to an Indianapolis Indians game on a beautiful weekday, and were given “Indians’ bucks” to spend at the game. Every year in downtown Indianapolis there is a Strawberry Festival, and this year the HR department went together to enjoy the summer sun, strawberry dishes, and everything else the festival offered.

On top of all the great perks Appirians have, we are also permitted to work from home. Even as an intern, I have the ability to work remotely. Although I have only worked from home two or three times, it is one of my favorite parts of Appirio. The weekend of the Fourth of July, I took a trip to Chicago, and since the holiday fell on a Tuesday I was able to work in Chicago the Monday before. It was really encouraging that I was able to work remotely on the holiday weekend. I’m not sure that I would have had that opportunity anywhere else.

The atmosphere of the office is amazing. The office has a very inclusive and collaborative feeling. Anybody’s voice can be heard — even interns! Everyone in the office who I have come in contact with at Appirio enjoys what they do, and wants the best for the company. I believe that the success of Appirio is due to the casual working environment, and the opportunity to collaborate from literally anywhere with internet access.

Overall, I had a great time interning at Appirio. I definitely give this internship experience a five star rating. The relationships I created throughout my twelve weeks here speak directly to the culture of the organization. The outgoing personalities and ongoing group meetings make for a great way to really get to know your co-workers. I would recommend Appirio to a friend, classmate, or anyone who not only works hard, but plays hard.

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