Appirio Engages Workers with Special Events

Shehnazneen Khan

People have been known to say, “Great people make great companies.” I would rather say, “A great company transforms its people from good to great.” 

We see people talking a lot about the companies they work for, and it’s not because they are employed. They do this because companies help to build their careers — and our career is an integral part of our life. Most of us aspire to a secure “the best” job. As a result, we analyze both the good and bad factors of our workplace and position, while comparing them to other organizations.

Like everyone else, I love listening to the work experiences my friends have, including my coworkers. When I know these stories, I feel so proud to be a part of the Appirio Family. Honestly, family is the only word to describe what we have at Appirio. It’s hard to specify …  just one reason why everyone here calls Appirio “family”. From the initial conversations with the hiring team, to current trends and activities, there are many amazing experiences that I have not felt elsewhere. 

On the very first day of my job, I received a ‘starter kit’ that contained a bundle of goodies — like a t-shirt, a baseball hat, a diary, and a bottle — all branded in the company name. I also received  a welcome note by Chris Barbin, Appirio’s Global Culture Officer (former CEO). This simple gesture gave me deep sense of love, affection, consideration, and a future vision for myself at Appirio.  

Whether it’s Appirio’s uniquely-designed special engagement programs, the zeal and excitement to celebrate every festival together, the participation in employee engagement events or working our hearts out for social welfare activities — everyone at Appirio equally encompasses the term ‘passion.’ 

Our assisted living home visit — ‘Apna Ghar Drive’ — is one of the many commendable initiatives conducted by Appirio’s Silver Linings (part of Appirio CSR) team. This program gave me the opportunity to serve the elderly citizens residing in Jaipur. It was a heartwarming experience for me to extend a few happy moments and memories with them. At other places of employment, I never had the option to give back to my community as I did at this event. 

Also, another engaging Appirio event is the Jaipur Express, our most significant annual event, and we look forward to it every year. The Express is composed of various talent segments that we call ‘junctions.’ These junctions are different categories that allow Appirians to participate and show off our talents in a unique, creative way. To name a few, we have a ‘Jackson Junction,’ where we can show off our dancing skills, a ‘Sanjeev Junction’ for the budding singers of Appirio, and a “Da-Vinci Junction” to show arts and crafts skills.

Professional and personal growth go hand-in-hand at Appirio. For example, my weekly meetings with my manager, where we discuss our professional and personal life challenges, followed by my goals for the upcoming year. It gives me a sense of confidence and trust to know that I will learn so much here and will receive the support of my peers and team. I can take personal time off whenever I need, and work from home when the situation arises. 

If you get placed in an supportive and collaborative team, what else could you want? I am with a team that is always there to help me and take care of any issues I may have. It is a blessing to have such a well-balanced team that never falters when I need some guidance. 

If I have to describe Appirio, I wouldn’t hesitate to say this company is agile, competitive, enabling, transparent, collaborative, dynamic, valuable, engaging, philanthropic, grateful, and so much more.

Sometimes in life, words aren’t enough to describe something you cherish. And with Appirio, I feel just that. 

Are you interested in working for a company that puts the Worker Experience first? Check out our job openings to see if your talents match up with our needs! 

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