Appirio: Jaipur – Changing a Company’s History One Floor at a Time

February 23, 2018 Tanvi Khandelwal


October 9th is probably just a normal day for most people, but for Appirians at the Jaipur location, it is so much more. On this date, we inaugurated our first floor at the Appirio office building at Mahindra SEZ, and it was far greater than a celebration!

This development marked an important step in Appirio’s global growth, and as proof that we are moving aggressively toward growth. In order to survive in a highly competitive industry, it’s crucial to be structured in a way that effectively supports the high levels of service required by customers. With this goal, we built a new floor in the Jaipur Appirio Office, so we could continue adding skills and resources to our team.

With every step forward, it’s important to preserve your own history, and ours is written in every corner of the new floor. This establishment was built piece-by-piece, with the careful vision of Chris Barbin, our CEO. In 2013, the Appirio Jaipur team consisted of 100 strong professionals. But Barbin had a dream — a vision of 600 employees. Today, we are close to this goal, with the team growing to 500+ employees.

Glenn Weinstein, vice-president, Global Services and CIO, made the trip to meet, inspire, and celebrate with us. Appirio has a history to create and a legacy to expand — and that's why when we built the new floor, we preserved the essence of previous years, while adding new elements that project us into the future.

The team enjoyed, cherished and welcomed the new floor which shall create many more wonderful histories in the daily growth of Appirio. Do you want to learn more about Appirio’s award-winning culture? Check out our company blogs and other useful resources!  

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