Appirio Joins ‘1 Million for Work Flexibility’ Movement

January 19, 2017 Appirio

By Erin Davidson

Let’s talk about flexible work. What comes to mind when you hear this phrase? I first thought it just meant working from home. However, during my time at Appirio, I have learned that it is much more than that.

It all comes down to one fact: happy workers produce the best results, for customers and beyond. We call this the Virtuous Cycle when our employees are given the tools and flexibility they need to do their jobs, they will be more satisfied and perform their best, and our customers will be happier with the experience they receive from us. Flexibile work is a key component of the Virtuous Cycle.

So, how do we accomplish this at Appirio? How do we provide our employees with flexibility?

In the United States, roughly 65% of Appirians work remotely. Additionally, most employees that are local to US office locations are afforded the opportunity to work from home several days a week. This alone adapts our Worker Experience model to the new ways people work, providing great flexibility to our workforce. When working from home, one saves time they would have otherwise spent commuting, they can be home when their children get off the bus, or they can throw their laundry in the dryer over lunch.

But I mentioned there was more, didn’t I? At Appirio, we don’t typically mandate strict working hours. If an employee needs to log off to pick up their kids from school it’s no problem; take the 30 minutes and log back on when you’re home. Do you have a doctor’s appointment in the morning? No need to take PTO, just schedule your day around it. Need some coffee? Head to your local cafe and finish your day with new scenery.

The final piece of our flexibility at Appirio lies in the technologies we use. We provide a consumer-grade cloud technology experience for our workers. Appirians use systems that eliminate barriers to success;this allows for increased connectivity and simple global collaboration with tools like G Suite. A meeting with a colleague across the globe is only a few clicks away thanks to Google Hangouts.

It’s because of our dedication to flexible work that we would like to announce our support of One Million for Work Flexibility. 1 Million for Work Flexibility is a global initiative to promote flexible work options.  They are led by a diverse coalition of companies, nonprofits, and business leaders who understand that work flexibility benefits us all. Appirio is proud to be a part of this movement.

To learn more about 1 Million for Work Flexibility, or to sign up and get involved, please visit:
To learn more about the different worker experience at Appirio check out this video:

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