Appirio on the Road

April 23, 2015 Appirio

By Andres Garcia

Our leadership team is taking the time to visit different cities, creating strong bonds with and each member of our Appirian Family in order to strengthen our company culture in every corner of the world.

Most recently, we visited South Florida. How much do you know about Appirio’s relationship with South Florida?


Aside from its abundance of oranges, beaches, and sun, Florida is also a place where Appirio has great potential to support next-generation services and a crowdsourcing platform delivering unprecedented value to customers, such as Citrix, Barry University, Rider Systems, Bankers Financial Corporation, and more.

appirioroad3Once again, Appirio’s “culture brightened,” according to our guest customer, Citrix, noting that Appirio consistently shows alignment, passion, professionalism, and vision in a space where we learn from each other, promote an atmosphere of  friendship, transparency, and long-term, successful, meaningful relationships.



Through our traditional Silver Lining activity, we had a real impact in the community. While having a truly and creative challenge for every participant, we made more than 45 Cards for hospitalized children with encouraging messages and 18 cool toys for dogs and cats to be donated to ASPCA.



We had a great day together by simply taking a break from our typically busy days, contributing to our community, and connecting with some of the coolest people out there. Thank you guys for making this a reality.  Can’t wait to hear from another Appirio Experience on the Road!

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