Appirio Partners with First Book to Donate 1,000 Books to Daniel Webster School

January 3, 2019 Mike Martin

Appirio employees at the First Book event at the Daniel Webster School in Indiana

In 2016, Wipro acquired Appirio. One of the first cultural alignments that came to the surface was our joint commitment to giving back to our communities. Appirio launched the Silver Lining program in 2010 to provide a formal outlet for employees to give back in meaningful ways. Similarly, Wipro Cares leads broad social responsibility efforts around the world that focus on education, ecological and workplace sustainability, and community care.

Earlier this year, as a part of Appirio and Wipro’s ongoing commitment to our communities, we met with a number of Indiana state leaders and legislators. During these informal meetings, we were able to share our continued commitment to Indianapolis, our headquarters, and the greater Indiana area. 

One shining example of our commitment to our home city and our home state is through our Ascend college recruiting program, slated to hire more than 50 new college graduates in 2019 alone. 

Another commitment to our community is through our partnership with First Book. First Book strives to create equal access to quality education. Appirio and Wipro offered each leader or legislator a donation of books to a school within their district. The first donation and book delivery wrapped up just before the winter holiday break and was a huge success. 

In our meeting with Indiana State Senator Jack Sandlin (District 36), he recommended we work with Daniel Webster School. The school is a member of the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) community serves grades K through 8 on the near south side of Indianapolis. Daniel Webster’s principal, Allyson Peterkin, formerly the literacy director of IPS, has brought a strong commitment to literacy development and reading to the school.

Our donation of 1,000 books to the school enabled the Daniel Webster School to expand their take-home reading program.

Daniel Webster School students in Indiana share the books they picked from the Appirio and First Book event

The week before the winter holiday break, Appirians from our Indianapolis headquarters made their way to nearly every elementary classroom at Daniel Webster, sharing books with the class, and reading to the students. 

I read to a  first grade class (and found a new favorite book, "Exclamation Mark"). The students were so engaged during the read-aloud - I was amazed by their level of understanding and thoughtful questions and response. One of the students liked the book so much, he took the book home later that week. I read another book to third graders called  "Herobrine Saves Christmas."  The kids were thrilled to hear that a Minecraft star wanted to learn about the human aspects of Christmas. 

Added bonus? I learned way more than I ever needed to know about Minecraft. 

Once we wrapped up reading to the classes, it was time to get the books in the hands of the students! Appirians returned to the school on both Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to set up a little bookstore in the school’s Cafeteria. 

Children lining up to select donated books at the Appirio and First Book event

One by one, each class had an opportunity to look through hundreds of books and choose two books to take home for the holiday break. The best part? These books belong to the kids, not to the school. The program provides a sense of ownership and pride for each student.

The Appirians who helped the kids “shop” for books had a blast too. Finding books we remembered from childhood was fun and a little nostalgic. But what really made my day was a loud “Hi, Mr. Martin!”  from the first grade class I read to on Monday when they saw me in the cafeteria on Thursday afternoon. 

Appirio and Wipro were honored and excited to partner with Daniel Webster School and First Book to make this event come to life. Can’t wait to do it again!


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