Ascend to Greatness: Inside the Culture of Appirio

September 1, 2015 Appirio

By: Kate Jovanovic


It is every college graduate’s dream to get a job, but it is practically a fantasy to work for a company like Appirio. When I first stepped into Appirio’s Indianapolis office last October, I was flooded with hospitality and energy. This energy wasn’t typical; you can go to some factories or to a standard corporate office and feel employees’ energy — hard at work, a collective hum. But the energy I felt walking into Appirio was new to me. Everyone I interacted with was happy; having fun while working hard to better customers and push the boundaries of traditional work.

Since I’ve been with Appirio, that energy and hospitality has grown. When I first joined, I went through the Ascend program with a group of 10 other extraordinary people. With Ascend, Appirio has done a tremendous job of integrating new hires — not only with regional offices and global teams, but also with the company as a whole. One thing that amazed me was how much the company cares about their employees. On the first day, I got to meet and interact with the CEO, Chris Barbin, and the CIO, Glen Weinstein, both co-founders of this amazing company. Now, how many companies do that? They are important, busy leaders in the company taking time out of their hectic schedules to get to know us on a deeper level, rather than just knowing they hired a bunch of new folks.

When Appirio tells customers that we are here to help them disrupt, innovate, and win in the new Cloud Economy, they mean it. Their innovation, willingness to hear all ideas, and their helpfulness and dedication is incomparable. This isn’t just another IT consulting firm — Appirio is a caring community. They care deeply about their employees, customers, the quality of their services, innovation, and enjoyment.

Appirio also cares about their local and global communities. We have many volunteer opportunities as Appirians, both individually and within the company as a whole. When a company takes time out of the workweek to allow employees to give back to the community, it is really refreshing. Knowing Appirio takes the betterment of its communities seriously is just one of the few commendable aspects of the company. For all this and more, I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of the Appirio community and to watch this phenomenal company grow, expand, and revolutionize the cloud market.

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