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March 23, 2018 Erin Davidson

As the Recruiter for the Ascend program at Appirio, I have had the privilege to watch this global program impact our business and grow into what it is today. 

Our Ascend program first began in 2015, at our headquarters in Indianapolis, with ten hires from local universities. These Ascend Consultants joined Appirio and immediately established themselves as strong contributors in our company. Now, they work in a variety of roles across the business, and through their success, they have paved the way for the overall program to expand globally. 

Our Ascend program is an immersive, three-month training program that kickstarts new graduates’ careers at Appirio. Ascend hires learn about our business, our consulting methodology, and receive specialized training on one of the cloud platforms that partner with Appirio. Through their journey, Ascend consultants have exposure to leadership, and have access to mentorship and a strong peer network.

Now, in 2018, we have Ascend Consultants located in Indianapolis, Jaipur, London, and Sydney — with plans to hire in Dublin, Amsterdam, and Porto. This year, we will be welcoming 35 Ascend hires in Indianapolis. 

Our global Ascend program is a great piece of Appirio’s culture that showcases the importance of giving individuals the tools they need to be successful, the support they need to be confident, and the trust to tackle exciting challenges. I personally take great pride in seeing our Ascend Consultants join Appirio through this best-in-class program, and stepping up to make impacts on our business and our customers’ businesses. 

In London, we caught up with three recent Ascend hires to learn about their unique experiences!

Tell us about yourselves!

: My background is in Computing with Business Management from King’s College London. Appirio, being an IT Tech Consulting Firm, allows me the opportunity to work on both the business and technical side. In my spare time, I enjoy venturing out to different cuisines across London.


: I am a computer science graduate from Kingston University, in London. I like playing sports and meeting up with friends in my pastime. 



: I studied International Business in Loughborough University. In my free time I like to paint and spend time in nature. 

Why did you want to work in this industry? And why did you choose to start your career with Appirio?

P: I wanted to progress in the career role of a BA. Wipro had the grad scheme. Therefore, I applied to Wipro’s graduate program. This is where I was interviewed and was selected to be a part of Appirio’s Ascend program.

A: As I was coming to the end of my degree, I applied to many positions related to software engineering. In an ideal world, I was looking for a role that had client exposure and challenged my technical skills. This is when the opportunity arose to become a consultant with Appirio. Straight away, I felt it was the perfect fit, in terms of culture and career prospects. 

K: I see technology as the future, that is why I joined the tech industry. I chose Appirio (through Wipro) because of the opportunities to learn new skills and get a unique experience.

What have you enjoyed the most about Appirio and the Ascend program?

P: I have enjoyed the Ascend Team. I was able to connect with the other graduates and work with them to make my experience at Appirio worthwhile. In addition, I enjoyed the workspace that Appirio had arranged for our training program, allowing us to stay focused on the Salesforce Admin Training.

A: The aspect I have enjoyed most about Appirio is the culture and collaboration that exists. We’ve had numerous events over the past few months, like Future of the Cloud Day, and they have all shown what it means to work for Appirio. 

K: The ability to voice my professional aspirations and get the required support to move in the right direction.

What’s been the most challenging part? 

P: The challenging part was the valuable part, as I was new to Salesforce. The terminology of Salesforce, and how it is used in projects as one iterates through Appirio methodology was the most challenging part. It takes a while to become familiar.

A: As I have previously worked as an intern, I was able to adapt quickly into work life. Perhaps the biggest challenge was learning to use Salesforce — this was completely new to me. 

K: Understanding all the technical details of complex client systems. 

What did you find most valuable about the Ascend training? What has been your favorite training session or program so far?

P: The Salesforce Admin training. Only now, I learned how to configure Salesforce Org. In addition, the educational sessions on presentation skills, with Matt, from Boldecho. It allowed me to polish my presentation skills, to be a better consultant.

A: Getting an understanding of the company ethos and values was my biggest takeaway from the training program. All the sessions were interesting and productive in their own right. Personally, I enjoyed the interaction with some of the management team — it gave us the chance to ask them questions,gain their insight, and learn from their experience. 

K: Getting a 360-degree view of the company and the different practices. My favorite training session (although most demanding) was when we were studying for our first Salesforce Admin exam. 

What excites you about going to work every day? 

P: Each day comprises of new activities, new queries to be dealt with. This excites me, as I get to learn and enhance my knowledge on daily basis rather than being stagnated. 

A: The chance to learn new skills, meet interesting clients and being part of a team that delivers successful projects are some of the things that excite me about going to work. 

K: Knowing that I will learn something new. 

How is Appirio different than other companies where your friends work? 

P: Appirio is fun an environment. Work is enjoyable and not stressful. Here, every employee is friendly, regardless of stature. 

A: Appirio is different because of the agile working environment. The ability to work from practically anywhere (as long as there is reliable internet connection). Not only that, but Appirio is completely on the cloud and has no servers! (A fact I only found out during my interview.)

K: There is a lot of collaboration and everyone is involved, no matter where they are based in the world.

Ascend Consultants enjoying a sushi lunch with Chris Barbin in London.

We are hiring Ascend Consultants globally, as the program continues to expand. Learn more about our open University roles here. Our next round of university recruiting will start in fall of 2018. Sign up for our Talent Hub to be kept in the loop! Want to learn more about Appirio’s Ascend program? Click for more information — U.S. program and the Europe program

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