Creating a Culture of Feedback

February 10, 2017 Appirio

By: Julie Barker

“Eat Your Own Dog Food.”  “Practice What We Preach.” “Live out the Worker Experience.”

These are sayings I’ve heard as I’ve roamed the virtual halls of Appirio the last 4 years. It’s neat to see us hold true to a cultural pillar of practicing what we preach, despite the changes we’ve experienced. One of the more recent examples is to “Live Out the Worker Experience.” As an organization, we want to fully embrace our own Worker Experience (WX) solution internally and be a world class example of what we sell. To tackle this mission, we rallied together a project task force with a variety of stakeholders across the business. The internal WX task force uncovered so many actionable items (too many to name here) that could enhance our WX. But one of the most common issues mentioned across regions, groups, and levels was a lack of consistent feedback for our teams. So we tackled this top team priority first.

What is feedback?

“Feedback is: Information about past behavior, delivered in the present, which may influence future behavior.— Randy Conley, Leading with Trust, Blogger

Feedback is not a replacement of an annual performance review. Feedback is a conversation. When given in real time, it creates significant learning opportunities and potential for career growth. For our teams, this means better equipping consultants for their next project or client assignment. But receiving the feedback is just part of the equation. We had to also train our teams on what specifically to do with the feedback they receive. We intend to provide ongoing training to increase engagement and individual career development long-term.

How do you foster a culture of feedback?

With cloud technology, duh! While we know the process doesn’t necessarily start with the technology, it enables the process. The process had to be extremely simple and give many options for requesting or giving feedback.

We selected Workday, our HRIS, to enable the feedback process, as it’s a tool our teams are already familiar with leveraging. In Workday, we enabled the option for ANY team member to provide feedback on ANY team member at ANY time. We also created the option for employees, managers, and leaders to request feedback.

The best part? The team member can go in at anytime to review the feedback. The feedback tab also integrates #shoutouts (team member recognition) from our Salesforce Chatter environment.

While these foundational system pieces are critical, they don’t replace the importance and priority we place on in-the-moment,  conversational feedback.

In creating a culture of feedback, we had the opportunity to — once again —  practice what we preach, by leveraging awesome cloud technology and enhancing Appirio’s Worker Experience.

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