Culture in Action: Appirians Helping Hurricane Victims

October 13, 2017 Appirio

By: Kit Werbe 

Culture is quite the buzzword these days. Everywhere you look, companies seem to be cultivating it and touting it. So, it was no surprise to me how much culture was discussed during my interview process with Appirio. But it was a nice surprise how quickly I got to see the culture lived out by Appirians.

Six weeks after I joined Appirio, Mother Nature unleashed a monstrous hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico. All eyes were on Texas and that’s when I saw the first email come through about Hurricane Harvey.

Lawrence McKibben sent the entire company this note: “I live in Austin, Texas, and have a room available for anyone that has had to or will need to evacuate due to the storm. Only caveat is that they must be ok with dogs. 🙂 Please feel free to reach out to me directly if someone is in need. Stay safe out there.”

Soon after, Appirians from California to New Jersey and as far north as Colorado chimed in, offering their support, prayers, and hospitality to their Texan colleagues. I was struck by the simplicity and authenticity of the notes:

“Wonderful to see Appirio fam helping one another! Best wishes and positive thoughts for all in the affected areas.”


If you live in an area impacted by Harvey and need someplace to shelter, please reach out. We have solid Wi-Fi and good coffee.”


“Also piping in – if any Appirians or their families are largely displaced, we have an extra two bedrooms and full bath available.”

Appirio as an organization immediately jumped into action as well. The Silver Lining Program announced it would match donations to organizations helping with disaster relief. And the company’s human resources business partners worked to match hurricane-impacted Appirians who needed housing.

I was seeing Appirio’s culture in action — a passion instilled in and carried out by employees who felt called to make a difference.

Take former Appirian Aaron Williams (now with Wipro-acquired Topcoder) for example. Williams organized “Hoosiers Helping Houston,” the city of Indianapolis’ official relief effort to aid hurricane victims. “It was Hoosier Hospitality at its finest,” he said. “Everyone came together and unified as one.”

Backed by the Indiana Region of the American Red Cross, Hoosiers filled 17 semi trailers with essential items at four locations over the course of three days. Appirians Rachel Chandler and Chrissy Lavengood (pictured) were among those who joined the effort.

“Appirio has provided me so many different opportunities to give back to the local and national community,” Chandler said. “People brought truck beds full of bottled water, snacks, diapers and more. It was amazing and I’m thankful to have played a small part in helping those affected by the hurricanes this year.”

“If it weren’t for the culture of giving that is strongly encouraged and supported here at Appirio, I would not be nearly as aware of these opportunities,” Lavengood said. “Since working here, I have learned the joy of volunteering and giving. It just feels great to be a small part of something that makes a big difference.”

Do you have a heart for volunteering? Want to work with an organization that does too? Check out Appirio and our current opportunities!

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