Fireside Chat with Appirio Technical Architects

November 18, 2016 Kellie Hiatt


The talent market is constantly changing and the Salesforce job market is fierce. Highly skilled technical talent can often handpick where they want to work. So why does technical talent pick Appirio as a place to work? I sat down with some of our Salesforce Technical Architects and Technical Leads to hear firsthand why they chose Appirio.

Meet the Salesforce Technical Architects and Technical Leads:


 Randy Wandell:

As a Technical Architect for Appirio, Randy designs and leads the technical components of a Salesforce solution for our customers. Randy joined Appirio in the Spring of 2012.

kh Karl Houseknecht:

As a Senior Consultant for Appirio, Karl provides full lifecycle development and leadership for enterprise clients implementing Salesforce. Karl joined Appirio in the Summer of 2014.

jh John Hecker:

As a Technical Architect for Appirio, John directs technical resources to develop and deliver project deliverables often reducing technical risk by uncovering design issues early in the project life-cycle and by sharing implementation best practices and recommending solution alternatives. John joined Appirio in the Spring of 2012.

Why do you work for Appirio?

Randy: When I interviewed with Appirio, I had offers on the table from some competitors (i.e., Deloitte, Accenture, other boutique firms). Appirio was different. It was the best fit for me culturally. Appirio offered the opportunity to work on leading-edge solutions and implementations while also providing great balance in my home life. For me, I really appreciated the technical exercise during the interview process. As a result of that exercise, I knew there were really smart, technical people working here. Those same people were going to challenge me and push me to become a better consultant.

Karl: Before I joined Appirio, I was working for a bank. I had a very limited view of the Salesforce platform because I was only exposed to how one industry used it. At Appirio, I knew I would have the opportunity to try new things and to learn. Ultimately, I joined Appirio because of the culture. I am exposed to interesting and complex projects with enterprise customers. And while I still travel, it’s not 4 days a week, every week. I get to work from home in my guitar-filled room and see my kids and family more than most. It’s the best job I’ve ever had!

John: I joined Appirio because I recognized that there are people here who are willing to push me — professionally and technically. I knew I would be working with very smart, creative people, and I love to be challenged and riff off of new ideas. Every day I work with some of the best people in the industry, people who treat me like a colleague and a person, not just a resource that needs to log billable hours. Working for Appirio, even with the travel, the flexibility allows me to spend more time with my kids than some of my friends and family who work in-house at other organizations. I love that the work is challenging, always different, and that we aren’t afraid to push technical boundaries. I work at the leading-edge of the space while still maintaining balance in my life outside of work. As an Appirian, I don’t have to compromise in my career to have a life.

What advice do you have for someone aspiring to be a Salesforce Technical Architect or Technical Lead for Appirio?

Randy: Never be satisfied with where you’re at. Always challenge yourself. Question why and how you do things. Be open to the newest features in the platform. Try things out. Figure out how and where they fit. As a technical consultant, you have to have a propensity to change and evolve as technology does.

Karl: Start working in the cloud–today. It’s free to do it. Go download a Developer Edition of Check out Trailhead. It’s the future!

John: Go on trailhead. Do builds in dev environments, get badges, and start to learn business processes.

Want to be technically challenged but still have an awesome balance like Randy, Karl, and John? Apply Today! #GoAppirio


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