Fireside Chat with Purvi Mathur, HR Director

September 15, 2017 Appirio

By: Paresh Bhatia

Purvi Mathur is a key leader at Appirio, and she is heading the India HR & Recruiting Operations at the Jaipur office in India. Purvi’s focus is on creating Human Resource strategies, policies, and procedures that meet business needs while providing operational advice — and direction — to managers and other employees. At the same time, Purvi needs to meet regional hiring and candidate Net Promoter Score goals. She joined Appirio in 2013 and has played an important role since then.

To better understand her role at Appirio, and how she promotes the values, culture, and atmosphere of Appirio, I sat down and asked Purvi a few questions about her experience.

1. How do you manage your work-life balance?

Purvi: I have great family support, which makes having balance possible. However, Appirio’s culture also contributes significantly to creating the balance. The work culture is very flexible, and I can work from anywhere at anytime, while taking time off when needed.

2. What do you love about working here? What is the best part about working at Appirio that you can’t see from a quick tour around the office?

Purvi: What I love about Appirio is the work culture. The autonomy to experiment and freedom to express are two very important facets of this company that I enjoy. The best part about working in this environment is our agility, and the openness to ideas. This is a core part of Appirio’s culture and I see this lived out daily. You can’t begin to understand this kind of support with just a glance at one of our offices.

3. How is Appirio different from other organizations you’ve experienced?

Purvi: What I do at Appirio is much more diverse than my previous roles. This is primarily due to the nature, scale, and pace of the business. My learning curve at Appirio has been much steeper than other places. Appirio allows you to make mistakes and learn from them. You are enabled to continuously improve, which prepares you to work in a fast-paced environment.

4. Can you share a little about your career journey at Appirio?

Purvi: On my first day of work at Appirio, we didn’t even have an official office location! Since then, we’ve expanded our operations and now have three floors in our Jaipur office and roughly 500 employees. It feels amazing when I pause and reflect back on the journey, but it wasn’t always easy. We made mistakes, learned from them, then moved on!

5. What have you learned from your team members and how have they influenced your success?

Purvi: Without a doubt, my team has made me smarter. I have had the opportunity to work across many different backgrounds, and get many new experiences. I have leaned on the team many times in order to make things happen. There are three key things I love about my team:

1) They never gave up on me!

2) They never stopped trusting me.

3) They are always willing to step in to tackle an issue together as a team.

It was a great experience talking to Purvi about her overall journey at Appirio, and learning about how Appirio is uniquely different from other companies . She is a great leader, and she exemplifies a very real example for how people can grow and move forward at Appirio.

Interested in working with Appirio at our India office? Check out our opportunities today!

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