Globe Trotting: Appirio Style

March 10, 2017 Kellie Hiatt

Travel and exploration is vital to the growth of any company. T.S. Eliot put it best when he said, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” In an effort to better understand the global operations of Appirio, Julie Barker, Sr Director Global Talent Management, treks the world. I recently sat down with her to discuss her travel experiences.

Julie’s role at Appirio has afforded her several opportunities to travel abroad to some of our international offices. A change of pace from our usual Google Hangouts interactions, visiting our global offices in person is a great way to be part of the day-to-day operations in these locations. These opportunities have given Julie a true feel for each work style, culture, and a glimpse into how things really function on the ground.  

Appirio is run 100 percent in the cloud, so you typically don’t have to be onsite. But traveling to different offices every once and awhile can be really valuable to both the visitor and the hosts.

What is the most fun travel memory you have?

JB: A really fun memory I have is dancing with the team in Jaipur and many experiences at Chokhi Dhani!

Your biggest takeaway from each visit?  

JB: My last visit to Jaipur was one of my favorite Appirio experiences. They had their annual awards celebration and they sure know how to put on an event. They invited the families of all the awards nominees to the event, which was really cool for them to experience the Appirio culture and celebrate with their family member. It was also fun because in between the awards they had team members do different talent acts. They had put together amazing dances, singing, and guitar solos. I was just amazed by both their professional and personal talents.

What did you do with the experiences once you were back home? How did you apply what you learned? Did you shift behavior or try something new?  

JB: I was reminded that while a lot of things can be done globally and with efficient processes across the board, there are sometimes reasons that the culture will differ when it comes to different programs and practices or working styles. I am always reminded how the Appirio culture shines in each region in its own unique way.   

Advice/tips on global travel for work?  

JB: Hopefully you can sleep on a plane! Take time to do things in each city and really explore and learn about the city you are in and spend time with the team who lives there.  For example, learn why so many tourists visit Jaipur and why they call it the “Pink City.

Tokyo Visit, eating dinner with the team

Spending time with the Appirio HR team and their kids in Jaipur. So fun to meet them after seeing them on Google Hangouts!

City Palace with Jaipur Recruiting team and Jim Rowe

Meeting Sheekha, our new HR colleague, at Wipro Bangalore office.

Salesforce1 Tour in London 2015

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