Improving Candidate Experience with an iPad

August 18, 2017 Appirio

By: Heather Merrell

You’re psyched for your interview. You’ve done your research, updated your resume, and are dressed to impress. You’re so excited that you arrive early to your interview. You now have 15 minutes to kill before you meet with your first interviewer. Fifteen minutes is a lot of time to get nervous! So what do you do? Well the Appirio Recruiting team has the answer! We are now providing iPads to candidates upon their arrival to our Indianapolis headquarters. I recently sat down with Rachel Chandler, US Recruiting Manager, to learn more about it.


What is the motivation behind getting iPads?

Providing an excellent candidate experience has always been a driver for our recruitment team. We are continuously looking for new, different, and innovative ways to stand out from our competitors and provide a peek inside our Appirio culture. We thought providing candidates with iPads upon their arrival could do just that.

How will it add value to the interview process?

The iPads will be a resource for candidates when they visit the Indianapolis office for their in-person interview. They will have information on our company and culture at their fingertips, which will allow them to be engaged with the Appirio brand at all stages of the interview —  even during a five-minute break in the action. Perhaps they will see something in a video or on a culture blog that will bring about a question, and they can then start an awesome dialogue with the Appirian that is interviewing them.

What will be on the iPads?

The iPads will have an intro video from Appirio CEO, Chris Barbin, welcoming the candidate to our interview process and thanking them for their time. They can also explore our culture blogs, a benefits snapshot, and some videos from our YouTube channel. Perhaps they’ve done their homework already and want a way to keep their mind moving —  we’ll have “brain” games (Lumosity and 2048) to keep them occupied.

When will the candidates use them?

We have two iPads for candidates that are interviewing in our Indianapolis HQ. When candidates arrive to their interview room, our Recruiting Coordinators will give them a brief overview of the iPad and what’s on it, then let them explore.  Perhaps they arrive 20 minutes early, or have a 15 min break in their interview schedule, or have an interviewer that’s running late. (Let’s hope not!) Whenever they decide to use it, we hope that the information we are providing them will be useful as they explore the opportunity to begin their career with Appirio.

Are you on the hunt for your next role? Ready for a different interview experience? Experience Appirio today!

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