Joining the Appirio Alumni Network

April 20, 2018 Julie Barker

The fact that I get to publish a blog as a team member exiting the company speaks volumes about Appirio’s work culture.  The leadership at Appirio truly supports career growth and opportunity within the company, but also enthusiastically supports folks who move on to do the next cool thing in their career. I believe this is why we have seen so many “boomerangs” come back to Appirio (alumni who return to the company after working somewhere else).   

I have had the honor of being the Sr. Director of Talent over Global Recruiting and Global HR Business Partner/International HR Leaders at Appirio. I’m ready for a blank canvas to build a talent function in a local tech start up. Of course, the team would love for me to stay in my role at Appirio, but they are 100% supportive of my next play, and are committed to keeping well-connected with me while I do so.

Countless benefits for Appirio Alumni

What does becoming an Appirio alumni mean to me?

  • Staying connected with an amazing company that will always have a special place in my career journey.
  • Joining a community of some of the brightest minds in the industry, all bringing the Appirio culture, Virtuous Cycle mindset, and innovative ways of working to any future organizations we join.
  • Bringing my love of challenging the norm (learned at Appirio) to my new professional home.
  • Always be an Appirian at heart — no matter what city I’m visiting across the globe, there is likely an Appirian happy to reconnect. 
  • Gain an Appirian following on Facebook — I have tons of friends in other countries outside of the U.S. (where I live). Our Appirian global connections are thriving!
  • My six-year-old kids say, “Mommy, we love Appirio. Do we still get to go back for Halloween?” 
  • I will be leading a Lean In group full of Appirio Alumni. I want to keep that amazing network of men and women who continue to embrace challenge and risk in the workplace — just as we did as part of the Appirio team.
  • Opportunity to participate as alumni in Culture Works, an initiative that Chris Barbin will lead as the Global Culture Officer at Wipro.

Remembering five years

Appirio has been a place where I’ve always been able to try a new idea and challenge the norm. I’m grateful for the opportunities Appirio has given me to take on new challenges — like starting our now-thriving Jaipur office, or growing our global team (from 500 when I joined) to over 2,000 strong today. I leave Appirio a better leader because I learned so much from those I have worked for, alongside, and my direct team under me.

Here are some of the images from the past five years that capture the feel of my Appirio experience: 



My first Jaipur team member, Monika. She was employee number two in this region!











Some of the team joining me for dinner (and drinks) at my home.








At a baseball game, our GM from Jaipur telling my son, Liam, about how he is going to visit India.








Mira Awards 2017 — we were honored to be one of Indianapolis’ top tech companies. 






2015 HR holiday party, with a couple team members joining the fun via Google Hangouts!







As Chris Barbin would always say ... Onward! Thanks Appirio for five years of memories and growth. Cheers to all of you!

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