Life of a Working Dad at Appirio

June 16, 2017 Kellie Hiatt

Conference calls, client meetings, travel schedules, company events, team outings — all these commitments can keep Appirians very busy through the work-week. So how do working dads manage all those professional commitments and be available for their family and children? Well, I sat down with some Appirian fathers and asked them directly.

Meet Appirio’s Dads


 Chad Roudebush:

As a Senior Recruiter for Appirio, Chad is responsible for partnering with managers & leaders to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of Appirio and introduce top talent to the company. Chad is a father to sons Cael (8) and Jamison (6).





 Joe Castro:

Joe is VP and Chief Architect of our Salesforce Practice. He is also a Certified Technical Architect. This means you can usually find him helping clients who have complex needs understand how to best leverage Salesforce. Joe is also responsible for building our Technical Architect practice. His mission is to attract, retain, and inspire the top Salesforce Technical Architects in the industry by driving continuous learning practices, by promoting thought leadership initiatives, and by fostering a collaborative environment for our architects. Joe is the father of four; Jackson (18), James (16), Blu (2 ½), and Sky (8 months).





 Dave Market:

Dave is a Manager in our Workday Consulting Practice, specializing in Workday Financials. He is responsible for managing our Workday Financials delivery team and ensuring the successful deployment of the Workday Financials solution across all of our clients. Dave is a father to daughters Katie (14) and Annie (10), and son Andrew (12).





 Varun Vatsa:

Varun is a Principal Solution Architect on the pre-sales team and has been with Appirio for six years. He spends most of his time supporting our Account Executives and drafting solutions for clients and prospects. Varun is a father to daughter, Pavika (2).






How do your kids describe your job?

CR:  “My dad works on computers to help people find jobs.”

JC:  My boys tell people I am a software developer. My two-year-old thinks I hog the computer all day, preventing her from her treasured Disney time.

DM: “My dad does something that involves computers and accounting.”

VV: According to my daughter, every morning, I trick her so I can go to an amusement park to work — from which I bring her back chocolates.

How do you feel Appirio supports work-life balance for working parents?

CR:  The work-life balance at Appirio is amazing — kids or not. As a parent, knowing that I can attend mid-day programs at their school, adjust my schedule to be home with them on half days, or knowing it’s acceptable to have them join a video team meeting, gives me great peace of mind that Appirio truly cares about their employees.

JC:  Appirio has built a culture that is the epitome of remote worker productivity. At my previous consulting firm I was on the road three to four days a week. At Appirio, I still travel, but I am at the dinner table more nights than not. Additionally, I am impressed by how much attention our operations and management teams pays to ensure the client, location, and role are a good fit for all my TAs — both technically and personally.

DM:  Appirio’s flexible work environment is a great benefit for working parents. The flexibility to adjust my work schedule so that I can attend a parent-teacher conference, a wellness check-up, a child’s sporting event, or even just to drop my kids off at school on an occasional morning enables me to be more present in my kids’ daily lives, but at the same time still meet my responsibilities at work.

VV: Working at Appirio has given me enough time to see and enjoy every moment of watching my little girl grow. The flexibility of choosing when to work and from where is awesome. Plus, when you have a working spouse, this type of benefit, or perk, is almost a requirement.

What advice or tips would you give to working parents?

CR:  Keep it simple. Keep it balanced. Being a parent should not have to interfere with your job, and vise versa. You can’t make it to every school event or every game, just like you can’t make it to every meeting. Our careers and our children are such huge priorities, we shouldn’t be forced to pick one or the other. Know what is acceptable and embrace it!

JC:  Embrace the chaos (a.k.a. life with two toddlers). On good days, I try to think of it as an opportunity to practice prioritization, collaboration, and delegation skills. On bad days, I throw on a baseball cap, brew an extra pot of coffee, and practice my juggling skills. I am becoming a damn fine juggler, by the way.

DM:  Find what works for you and make time for it. For me, it’s exercise. If I get 30 minutes of exercise a day, my stress levels are down, and my mood is up. I’m also more energized, focused, and motivated. I’m more productive at work, and better equipped to deal with the challenges that come with raising three kids.

VV: Work is important, but watching your kids grow happily is what we work for. Make sure to enjoy all what life has to offer, while managing your time and never compromising on your work quality.

We value all our working parents at Appirio, but want to take the time to recognize all our awesome dads. From the entire Appirio team, we wish you all a very happy Father’s Day this weekend!

Are you a working parent looking for a more flexible or balanced environment? Check out our opportunities today!

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