My Appirian Worker Experience

December 8, 2017 Simon Fullerton

You may have heard about Appirio’s Virtuous Cycle; it’s our strong belief that happy workers will lead to happy customers. We recommend that the aim for any business should be to create workers who are engaged, productive, and agile. This leads to customers who are aware, satisfied, and amplified. A win-win for any company. So with that in mind, I thought I would reflect on what my own Worker Experience has been like at Appirio.

Here’s just a brief summary of some of the outstanding things that I’ve seen so far:

The Worker Experience starts well before day one. Appirio aims to get new hires up to speed, comfortable using the systems, and ingrained in the Appirio way of working as soon as possible. I had a fantastic interview experience. Meeting various team members throughout the company gave me a real feel for Appirio and made the decision to join that much easier. This was followed by a straightforward onboarding checklist on Workday. I was greeted on day one with a shiny new Apple computer and iPhone — a nice touch! The onboarding after day one saw global — and regional — sessions, daily interaction with my manager, and frequent communication with the wider team. I was able to ask any question, to anyone, and get a quick answer which really set me up for a flying start at Appirio. I had my individual development plan and individual goals set from early on - the path ahead was clear!

Appirio operates 100% in the Cloud. This concept was completely new to me. You’ll see Appirians working from office locations, customer sites, home, coffee shops - pretty much anywhere they can find a space with internet and is quiet enough to allow focus. Traditionally this would be HR’s worst nightmare. Admittedly, my initial thought was how do you even go about managing time & attendance? The short answer is that Appirio doesn’t have to- it’s a trust environment with an assumed attitude that everyone is an adult. There is no need to clock in and out everyday. That’s not how an agile tech company works, our customers rely on our flexibility. Appirio trusts our employees, and empowers managers to ensure the work is being done.

We are partners with some of the world's best cloud technology companies, and we have the experts in-house. So why not take advantage? We really do practice what we preach and make the most of some of coolest business tech out there.

From an HR perspective, Workday is used for talent management, compensation reviews, performance management (goal setting & anytime feedback). Oh yes I almost forgot - it’s also our HR system of record. It’s incredibly intuitive, and I’m now at the stage where I couldn’t see myself using any other HCM system.

Real time collaboration blew my mind when I joined Appirio. All of my previous roles involved multiple spreadsheets, 20+ versions of a single doc, edits, email attachments, crashes, and last minute stresses. Google G Suite is a game changer for how I work. At Appirio, we can work on documents, sheets, presentations, etc. together - in real time. This means that a group of Appirians can be typing on the same document at the same time, miles away from each other. There’s also shared folders to give us access to these whenever, and wherever, we like.

We use Google Hangouts for video calls. Gone are the days of picking up the office phone, and setting up tedious conference calls. We simply jump on Hangouts and have face-to-face conversations with colleagues on the other side of the world in an instant, which is pretty cool.

We leverage Salesforce Chatter for a variety of purposes. One of which is to encourage peer-to-peer feedback in the form of shoutout recognitions. As a result of these shoutouts, “AGE” points can be given to the feedback  receiver which can be used to buy Appirio swag in our company store. We also use Salesforce “Ideas” as our internal suggestion box. Employees can upvote ideas that they think are cool, and Appirio will listen.

We have an Appirio Academy which is a dedicated Learning & Development team, whose primary focus is to enable our workers to grow and develop professionally. The content of the structured courses is available in real time - anytime, anyplace as long as you have an internet connection (starting to see a trend?). The Academy also keeps us all trained with the latest and greatest at Appirio. We have an internal email alias that is dedicated to knowledge sharing. This is all in addition to our Centres of Excellence, which are internal groups that provide best practice updates, customer success stories, and training. Did I mention we also pay for certifications relating to our technology practices?

In all of my previous HR roles, requests for policies & procedures used to be more time consuming than I would have liked. Fear not - it’s all sorted with one sentence at Appirio - it’s on the WIKI! All things Appirio (marketing, finance, HR, etc.) are available to all employees, anywhere, anytime, you get the drift.

Whether it’s annual, global company awards, regional annual awards or our monthly Europe superstar - if you’ve done exceptional work at Appirio, expect to get called out for it.

We have a host of competitive benefits, including paid volunteer time off and an annual gym membership reimbursement. Appirio has given over 29,000 hours to charities and causes throughout the world.

We have global monthly meetings, and regular European team meetings. We get transparent updates, including the good, the bad, and the ugly! It’s also a great platform for FAQ’s - you will get your answer with a no “BS” approach in true Appirio style!


I could tell you my Worker Experience has been all about getting the shiny, new equipment when I first walked into the quirky Appirio Dublin office, based at the famous St. Stephen’s Green Park, but quite honestly that would be underselling it. It’s so much more than that.

Company culture is a term that gets thrown around  frequently these days. It’s often driven from the top down with no real substance. That’s different at Appirio. We are all responsible for our company culture, and you can really feel it. We have exceptional people who use top notch technologies. What is the end result? An extremely exciting career, in a dynamic environment, with a company that just so happens to have one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the market  - the Virtuous Cycle, Appirio style!

Oh yeah I almost forgot, we aren’t too bad at throwing parties either!

We are hiring at Appirio! Check out our latest opportunities here or join our Talent Hub today!

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