My CloudFit Story: Walking My Way to Health

June 30, 2017 Appirio

By: Ken Steinman

I’ve been an Appirian for over a year now. I was very excited to join Appirio — it’s culture being one of the things that attracted me. Fortunately, I joined this company at the perfect time. You see, I had a scheduled vacation right at the start of my time at Appirio, and when I got back from that trip, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I knew I had to make some changes, and I knew the Cloudfit Program was going to be a life-saving benefit for me.

As a member of the Cloudfit program, I found a variety of exercise options — there were some cool challenges that could be completed personally or as part of a team. A personal favorite was the “Maintain, No-Gain Challenge” over the 2016 holiday season. Combining competitive spirit with our fun factor helped remind me that I needed to keep up my exercise during the holidays.

One of the most memorable activities that got me going was a challenge called “Get Race Ready, A Run/Walk Challenge”. To participate, we could commit to anything from a 5k event to a full marathon. I set a goal of a half marathon that’s held at a state park a few miles from my house. Luckily, I had the support of my Cloudfit team to get me pumped for training. Since then, I’ve completed three half marathons! I take them at my own pace (walking), because of a bum left knee, but I still get a good workout and feel proud afterward.

My first half marathon race, the Dash Point Half Marathon, in September was hard, but I finished. My proudest moment was realizing I accomplished my first half marathon on a very hilly trail course. Additionally, the race is held twice a year, which gives me opportunity to gauge my improvement. Since my first race, I made the decision to keep up the exercise, and do a half marathon per quarter. In between my first two races, I completed a flat course in downtown Tacoma. And when I finally got around to completing my second time in the Dash Point Half Marathon, I improved my time by over 40 minutes!

 On Sunday June 18th, Father’s Day, I walked the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I participated in this as a fundraiser for Team Appirio. We raised over $2,000 and it was a very memorable experience. My wife and daughter joined me and everyone finished. I knocked over 33 seconds off of my personal best time and enjoyed the scenery along the way!

Now, walking and fitness is my habit. It’s most perfect because it fits in with Appirio’s culture and remote, flexible work style. I’m grateful for this program and the virtual support from other Appirians that encouraged me to keep walking all year long. I look forward to many more healthy, fit years doing what I love to do at Appirio.

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