My Journey From Being an Ascend To a Lateral at Appirio

Mansha Parnami

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly.” ― Langston Hughes

The above quote is what I used to live by when I was waiting for my wings to emerge, and help me fly toward my aspirations.

However, these very wings sprouted when I came to Appirio.

I had just graduated, and a long voyage was ahead. I worked tirelessly — and was burning the midnight oil — to get work my way into an organisation such as Appirio. There were phases of anxiety and phases of fear. However, I took these phases as challenges, because the mightiest of storms cannot uproot a tree whose roots are deep into the earth. I was determined to give my best, and my hard work paid off.

And then came the day when I made a place for myself in the pool of highly skilled people, each having expertise in their domains. This is because Appirio fosters an ecosystem designed for growth. Meeting my peers, mentors, and other such exemplary minds was a one-of-a-kind experience. In no time, it felt like a second home.  A101 and training sessions were all a part of the ocean that I was sailing in. The premises, at first, felt like uncharted territory that never ceased to amaze me, but within no time I knew it like the back of my hand.

Targeted training programs activated our critical thinking, and the kind of opportunities we got for our holistic development are —  beyond doubt —  among the best in India. We were on the way to evolve from mere students to true professionals. SFDC and soft skills sessions helped us in the process of becoming an asset to the world of technology and business. Furthermore, the horizontal structure in our office ensures that  every opinion counts —  be it that of a trainee or of a senior developer.

Soon, six months passed and the training concluded, marking our transition from trainees to Associate Consultant trainees. We started as untamed stallions and came out as disciplined monks with a goal of moving forward, learning from the past and constantly grooming ourselves. Until now, working at Appirio has been a life changing experience. The path is clear, and we have realised that we ourselves are the navigator of our ships. I am now not only on a path of focus and commitment, but I also look to dream higher. I want to learn more, and let my wings fly me further.

Then I experienced what it means to be a professional for the first time — what it means to handle everything on my own. It was not that the struggle was over, in fact it was just the beginning. This was the time I had to wait for my turn to get enrolled into a project, which was not easy,  since I was just one of many with those skills. But I was lucky to get onboarded into a two month long project in “shadowing” mode. And with the help of my team, I was eventually able to sail my boat across.

Do you think you would make a great addition at Appirio? Do you have an interest in consulting? Travel? Remote work? Check out our Ascend program today!

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