My Worker Experience at Appirio

August 7, 2015 Appirio

By Kathleen Foley


Though I’m a driven, communicative worker by nature, a car accident last year required a good deal of time and medical care. But thanks to cloud technology, I was able maintain a high level of productivity and stay connected to people in my organization while working virtually.

In a non-cloud, in-office environment, I would have had to take a lot of time off to get the medical attention I needed. If I worked for a company without strong mobile technology, my productivity would have suffered and my team would have had to trudge on without proper support. I would have felt guilty and worried about my job security. I may have foregone necessary chiropractic care, and suffered physically as a result. And I probably would have cruised LinkedIn for other opportunities, engaging with the recruiters who often send me messages.

Luckily, I work for Appirio. So I’ve been able to schedule doctor appointments around my meetings. Though a chiropractic adjustment takes all of 5 minutes, it takes an hour from my day with traffic in the Bay Area. Fortunately though, I remain connected during this time. How is this possible?

  • Appirio uses Gmail, which allows me to respond to emails even from the doctor’s office.
  • We also use Google Hangouts for instant messaging, which means that I can respond to on-the-fly IMs from my phone.
  • I can also dial into Hangouts or GoToMeeting for video meetings, and participate — even at the last minute — from my phone and still enjoy face-to-face communication.
  • I can assign my team Pre-Sales Requests in Salesforce from my phone, enabling them to start new proposals immediately.
  • I am onboarding a new employee soon, and I can see Workday alerts within Gmail and access the Workday app to take real-time action as needed.

And thanks to Okta, our 2-factor authentication system, all of this is secure.

Maximizing responsiveness while I am away from my laptop means I can be there for the team from anywhere. This means that my internal customers receive timely responses and the rest of my team does not have to absorb extra work in my absence. And because one of our core values at Appirio is fun, it’s easy to enjoy interactions with my fellow Appirians, which also motivates me to maintain a high-quality of work and stay loyal to the company.

If I worked for a company where I couldn’t be connected via mobile, I would return from my doctor appointments only to be greeted by a backlog of emails, and any IMs would have had to wait. Think — if it were you, wouldn’t you value the opportunity to remain connected as you attend to the ups and downs of everyday life?

Just ask yourself: is your company ready for the Future of Work? Engaged, motivated employees make for successful companies, and utilizing cloud and mobile technology undoubtedly improves your employees’ ability to succeed at work.

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