Post-Acquisition Stories: Appirian Spotlight — Kellie Hiatt

March 24, 2017 Nicole Klemp

While each employee has contributed in some way to the success of our Appirio/Wipro integration, we’ve created this blog series to celebrate some key individuals who have recently taken on new roles and responsibilities, and have been instrumental in fostering a top-notch integration experience for our customers, partners, and workers. And if anyone knows about creating great worker experiences, it’s this week’s Appirian spotlight.

Meet our Appirian:

Kellie Hiatt — Program Manager, University Recruiting & Recruitment Marketing

Kellie has a passion for bringing innovative strategies to the talent function. She was recently promoted from Recruiter to her new role as Program Manager, University Recruiting & Recruitment Marketing, and has been instrumental in transforming Appirio’s recruiting efforts pre- and post-acquisition. Kellie was introduced to recruiting in the agency world 5 years ago, before falling in love with recruiting in the corporate setting. She’s a born-and-raised Hoosier, and comes from a large Irish Catholic family. She graduated from Indiana University Bloomington and has made her way around Indy’s booming tech scene, working for Anchor Point and Apparatus before finding her home at Appirio.



How did you end up at Appirio?

KH: A colleague from my previous employer came to work for Appirio on the recruitment team. She shared only positive sentiments about the organization, people, and team. After an acquisition at that company (which went very differently than this one), I jumped ship and made my way to Appirio!

Tell us a little bit about your new role and how your career has evolved.

KH: In my new role, I will oversee University Recruiting & Recruitment Marketing. I will partner with business leaders and the Ascend Committee to accomplish the anticipated TRIPLE growth of our US college recruitment program. I’ll also continue my efforts leading Global Recruitment Marketing. I’m excited about this new role because it gives me a great opportunity to align myself to a high-priority business need. I’ll also have the opportunity to uncover new ways we can partner with and learn from our colleagues and counterparts at Wipro through their US college hiring program.

What do you do for fun?

KH: I love wine. I went to Napa this past fall and declared that Napa is my spirit animal.

My husband is an avid boardgamer so we play A LOT of board games. We own over 75 games.

I also love to cook and host friends and family for dinner parties. I enjoy a good book, and not on a tablet or kindle; I want to feel the real paper and turn the pages. Call me old school!

Any guilty pleasures?

KH: The Bachelor. (Yes, I know, it’s totally lame.) I’m obsessed, and I even have my husband hooked. We do a Bachelor fantasy league with friends and host an end-of-season viewing party. We are totally sucked in. The producers of that show are simply brilliant.

What has been your favorite project/initiative while working at Appirio?

KH: When I started at Appirio, we didn’t have a standardized interview process. This forced many of our candidates to go through too many rounds of interviews and caused a lot of issues. I got to lead a project team tasked with improving and standardizing the interview process. We had a lot of ups and downs and it was a significant undertaking, all while still doing our “day jobs.” But we saw amazing results — like shaving 19 days off our average hiring process time.

How does your role impact our integration success?

KH: Appirio has built a brand around hiring and deploying the most credible and highly certified consultants in the industry. But we also must be able to meet clients’ unique budgetary needs, which can sometimes include offering up qualified consultants with fewer years of experience. The hiring, onboarding, and training of new college grads through our Ascend program is how we plan to offer a more well rounded service offering.

What have you learned going through this integration?

KH: I’ve learned that not all acquisitions end badly. (They might even be great!) And even if you’re the smaller fish in the pond, it doesn’t mean the big fish don’t care about what you have to offer.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?

KH: “It’s not about what keeps you up at night. It’s about what gets you up in the morning.” Everyone seems to always ask executives/leaders what keeps them up at night. But a former boss once told me that while that’s a great question, discovering what gets them out of bed in the morning is equally important. Uncovering the motivation, the priorities, and what excites those leaders will be just as helpful to know.

What advice would you give your younger self?

KH: Be patient. Good things take time.

Finish this sentence: Someday, I want to ____.

KH: Own a talent consulting business.

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