The Appirio Internship Experience

February 16, 2018 DeWayne McCowan

So today I want to talk about my experience as an intern at Appirio. But before we dive into that, I want to give you a little background about myself. I am Dewayne McCowan, I’m 14 years old, and I love video games. I also love anime, and enjoy good movies and books.

But what I love more than anything is learning new things and meeting new people. So when I was in 8th grade, I decided that I wanted to go to Providence Cristo Rey High School, for their work study program.


The Job Fair

When I was looking into Providence, I asked my middle school’s high school counselor to set me up with a shadow day, so I could get a feel for what Providence was like. After a bit of paperwork and determination, I was on my way to my first shadow day. The school seemed pretty nice, and that day, I got a pretty good impression of how the school worked. I figured it would be the sensible solution to work super hard in 8th grade, so I could get the grades I needed to get into the school I wanted to attend. This meant that I had to show extra grit and ignore my friends at certain times, to make sure the school work got done correctly.

Towards the end of summer break, I got an acceptance letter from Providence!

So I was on to the next chapter of my life’s journey —  high school. The first few weeks of school flew by, and the job fair came quicker than I could’ve imagined. The job fair is a way to establish yourself with potential employers, in hopes of them hiring you as part of the school’s work study program. But it wasn't all peaches and cream, as I was pretty nervous about the fact that I could be turned down by the companies I most wanted to work at.

Draft Day

The draft finally came, and everyone was so ready to be drafted by the companies they showed interest in. The draft was a sort of right of passage signaling that you’re ready to be a worker.


I sat in the back row, scared that my name would never get called. But about halfway through the draft, the Appirio representatives took the stage and began to announce their draft picks.

At the time, I was speaking to my friends. But I quickly went silently as my name was called. I began to walk up onto the stage, as the crowd roared and applauded. I was so surprised at my welcome to my new company, as they gave me a welcome bag full of Appirio swag. Afterward, they took my other two soon-to-be co-workers and me out of the auditorium. Outside, we took some team pictures. And that was the beginning of my new work life at Appirio.

Starting at Appirio

There I was, on my first day as an official Appirio intern. I had never worked for such a big company, so it was all a big rush. To be honest, I was very scared.

But that’s when I met my supervisor, Miss Nicole. She showed me the ropes of the marketing department and has even helped me write the blog you're reading right now. I guess she also let me fly solo a bit on this blog as well, but was a big inspiration for me nonetheless.

The first few days flew by quickly, but one of the more memorable moments was the solar eclipse, for the very reason that I got to see my first eclipse. We all went out as a team, and we even had special snacks for the event.

It all felt so different from any other place I had ever worked. The atmosphere is calm, but at the same time — exciting. I would learn in the coming days that the feeling of calm excitement would never change — which made me love the place even more.


I’ve already gained many takeaways from working at Appirio. One of the main takeaways I gained working here was that a good working environment makes a good worker. After observing my colleagues here at Appirio, it’s clear that their calm environment contributes to their fruitful work.

Another business lesson from my first few months at Appirio: there can be a healthy balance between work and play. This was apparent the day that we viewed the eclipse, then right after everyone went about their normal workday.

I’ve learned so much during my work study at Appirio, and I plan to learn much, much more.

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