The Power of Marketo Summit 2015 — Learn and Adopt is the Current Mantra

June 4, 2015 Appirio

By Sonia Chugh



It wasn’t too long ago that the #mktgnation tagline was trending all over twitter — Marketo Summit was ready to spread the knowledge yet again. It is certainly on its path to become a favorite mecca for marketers, and the recent Marketo Summit 2015 did not disappoint. So was it worth it to attend? Definitely! We bring to you the best takeaways of the event.

Customer centricity

Marketing is always about customers, as their role is always instrumental in designing our ladder of success within an organization. The speakers at the event spoke to this theme through their well-crafted ideas and lectures. Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo, emphasized the importance of listening to customers and their needs and then building products and services around their feedback. According to Phil, a marketing campaign must meet the following criteria:

  • It should always welcome and entertain customization in accordance with customers’ needs.
  • It must engage the customer. It should not be difficult for the customer to be a part of the marketing process.
  • Marketing campaigns should always be extremely relevant.

Own the sense of engagement

Phil’s ideology was seconded by Sanjay Dholakia, CMO of Marketo, who emphasized making content simple and engaging. To demonstrate simplicity, he presented a basic formula for engaging customers — ABCDE — Engage Audience:

  • A — As individuals
  • B — Based on what they do
  • C — Continuously over time
  • D — Directed towards an outcome
  • E — Everywhere they are

Marketing should be a complete cycle that continues to support the customer even after the actual sale. This stimulates great customer loyalty and persuades new customers to work with you.

Value creation, inspiration, and creativity

An important theme echoed throughout the event was that marketing should add value to your target audience. Adding value would make you indispensable to a customer and they would in turn view you as more than just an entity that they can buy goods or services from. Ariana Huffington, co-founder of Huffington Post, spoke to this theme in particular. She insisted that marketers need to build great people skills, and this starts at home. Personal growth translates to great development in overall marketing skills.

Marketo also managed to bring in Grammy and Academy Award winner John Legend, which paid off, as he brought a radically different perspective to marketing. He shared his personal experiences in finding inspiration and creativity from listening to the greats and spoke on the importance of needing to do exactly that.

Marketo’s tools

Something that created lots of buzz before the event was Marketo’s work with LinkedIn to offer an integrated solution to generate better leads and improve networking success. This now makes Marketo’s “Ad Bridge” solution very comprehensive. You can have the marketing campaigns and content streamed through external platforms such as Facebook, Google, and now LinkedIn. This helps marketers leverage technology in the following ways:

  • Easily access requisite info about all of your customers, helping you recognize their needs.
  • Add that personalized touch to content by using “Marketo Moments,” the app developed by Marketo, an important tool in creating and managing email campaigns. This ensures greater customer engagement. Plus, their feedback can now be captured across different platforms, including mobile.

The Marketo Summit brings together the desires and recent trends in marketing in a meaningful way. Though the heart of marketing will always respect the power of customers, Marketo has effectively shown us how advancing technology and associated tools will make processes that much smoother.

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