What is Company Culture?

May 12, 2017 Kellie Hiatt

TechPoint, the growth initiative for Indiana’s tech ecosystem, recently honored the successes and innovation of Indiana companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and other leaders in Indianapolis, at the annual Mira Awards. This year, Appirio was nominated for Culture of the Year. After the event, I caught up with the Appirians in attendance to hear more about what they think of company culture.

How would you define company culture and why is it important?

Elliott Johnson: I view the weekend as a few days when I don’t get to interact with some of the coolest people I know.

Diana Losey: Company Culture defines the environment an employee works in, and convinces them they have found a home at a company.

Joanna Slisz: Company culture is your organization’s personality. It’s formed by your company’s values and mission, and the people who work there. Just like individuals’ personalities, a company’s culture is important in that it defines how you’ll interact with the world, and what you’ll be remembered for.

Melissa Clark: Company culture is the life and breath of a company — it either enhances and supports employees’ performance, growth, and commitment, or leads to dissatisfied employees.

Julie Barker: Company culture is what connects your team members to the company in a way that is unique to your organization.  

Nora Al-Qadi: Company culture is the reason behind why I had to go through seven interviews before being hired. At the time, I didn’t realize the reason behind this —  but now I know. Appirio values its culture and the people that encompass this culture in their core. Company culture is the reason why I look around at my coworkers and acknowledge that they are my friends before anything else.

Justin Gutwein: The culture is the soul of the company. It transcends the product or service.

Nicole Klemp: It’s the personality of a company. That’s why we talk about workers being a “culture fit” —  your company culture is a reflection of your people.

Why do you think Appirio was nominated for “Culture of the Year”?

Elliott Johnson: Top down, Appirio is a home — a place to grow, learn, and execute on engaging projects. The best part is, everyone else seems to care just as much as I do.

Diana Losey: You can tell that employees are invested in and cared for at Appirio. You get to work from home, but in person social gatherings are always encouraged and celebrated. You get to spend time with multiple global teammates throughout the year, and join with your local teammates to volunteer together for our annual Future of the Cloud Day. Projects are mentally challenging and Cloudfit bootcamps are physically challenging. Worker Experience is a top priority, and it shows.

Joanna Slisz: Whenever I ask an employee, “What is your favorite thing about working at Appirio?” they will say “the people” 100 percent of the time. Appirio was nominated for this award because our people make this a great place to work.

Melissa Clark: The People. Hands down. There is a sense of transparency, support, collaboration, fun, and passion that I have seen in everyone, from my colleagues to managers to the leaders and founders.

Julie Barker: At Appirio, culture is about working with really smart and driven people that are also humble about it and enjoy learning from all of those around them. We value transparency, and  our CEO also still values culture as much as the day the company started. When asked what keeps him up at night, his answer is always: “maintaining the culture.” We also have embraced working virtually as a company, and the impact that can have on our team members as well as our ability to bring in the best talent. We also look at the relationship between Customer Experience and Worker Experience, in what we call the Virtuous Cycle.  

Nora Al-Qadi: In two words: the people. You will never find a group of people that are more supportive, inspiring, and genuinely engaged in helping others. Without the people, Appirio would just be another cloud company in the space. Being an Appirian is one of my most decorated accomplishments to date.

Justin Gutwein: I think that our ‘work from anywhere’ model is very unique, especially in Indiana.

Nicole Klemp: At many companies, the idea of culture is thrown around quite a bit, but their people have a hard time really identifying what it is. At Appirio, the culture is very identifiable — from our collaborative remote workforce, to our customer-centricity, to our amazing parties — everything we do oozes that culture. And our people live and breathe it … you can spot an Appirian from a mile away.

As you can see, Appirians are proud our of culture. We believe all Appirians contribute to making our culture what it is … day in and day out!

The Appirio team at the Mira Awards

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