Why Appirians Have the Best Office Views

August 10, 2018 Derek Heim

What you see everyday at work has a direct impact on your productivity level. According to an article by The Guardian, when people are living and working in scenic environments, they are much happier and healthier than those who are located in less eye-catching surroundings. 

At Appirio, we encourage our employees to work surrounded by whatever inspires them. So naturally, the employees of Appirio have some pretty amazing views to look at while they work. For this blog, we interviewed three Appirians about their home offices, and how it impacts their workplace satisfaction. 

Jennifer Odess
Vice President of the Office of the CEO
Winter Park, FL 



Brad Lahr
Senior Consultant
Lakeland, MN 


Jessica Metcalf
Senior Consultant
Augusta, ME 




Why is your home office set up like it is?

Jennifer: I like the natural light, dual screen, TV for news in the background, and easy access to my Peleton bike for last minute workouts. This is actually my guest room as well so my dog loves hanging out in there with me.

Brad: I setup my home office in front of this window because of the amazing view of nature it provides. It's a waterfront view and during the fall and winter months, you can easily see the water. During the summer you can hear the noise of waves crashing, and birds singing when the door is open.

Jessica: I relocated to Maine from Houston 3 years ago. This room was an added sunroom and we weren't sure what we were going to use the room for and it stayed empty for a while until I moved my office into it.  

What do you enjoy most about your home office?

Jennifer: I learned early on that when it comes to working from home, your home office needs to inspire you. I love that my office inspires me to want to go to work each day.

Brad: The connection to nature and this view were primary reasons for purchasing this old house. Working for Appirio has increased my entire family’s level of happiness. We are able to maximize our free time, enjoying this house, and the amazing neighborhood we live in.   Long commutes and a sterile cube environment are no longer an acceptable worker experience. 


Jessica: I'm surrounded by huge trees on all sides of my office and get to enjoy all of the seasons.  It's hard to pick a favorite season because in the winter, everything is bright white and covered with snow — while summer is almost neon, bright green. 


Why did you pick/create the view from your home office? (I.E. windows, pictures, etc.)

Jennifer: We do so much video conferencing that I wanted a clean/sleek backdrop when on camera. This is my computer is the direction it is. Those that see me on camera get my white shelving as a backdrop. I also wanted to be able to see the outdoor view or the TV, if I wanted.

Brad: Appirio provided the best technology and training for completing the required work. I've positioned my remote office location at home with a stunning view, and close proximity to nature. This combination has increased my enjoyment of work, and raised my productivity to unmatched levels. 


Jessica: I have worked in offices where I had no windows and was in a sterile cubicle with bad lighting. No matter what I tried to do to decorate my cubicle, without 

natural light it just was gloomy.  I don't think our bodies are meant to sit at a desk staring at a computer all day, but it's necessary in what we do. To combat that - I have to surround myself with things that inspire me (nature, light, artwork, photographs of people that are important to me).  I have all of this in my home office. On the limited wall space that I do have, it's filled with colorful pictures and paintings that mean alot to me.

How does your home office view impact you and your workday?

Jennifer: When I take a phone call (no video) I pace the room back and forth in front of the  windows. It's a positive environment with a pleasing view. I guess I would add that I will take a call on a walk with my dog periodically too. Also, I have hanging up the Washington Post article from 2009 where my husband and I were featured for our entrepreneurial efforts and success in the DC area.

Jessica: In every way. The beauty of nature is a huge inspiration for me. There is a lot of activity with birds and animals outside and it can bring a lot of peace with my hectic days that are filled with calls, go to meetings, and solving problems. In the mornings I look forward to drinking my coffee and walking into my office and getting settled with a plan for the day. It's my quiet time before any meetings to reflect on what I want to accomplish and to get organized.

In the technology industry, we look at computers and screens all day. It’s nice to work for a company that lets you spend some time looking at the beauty of nature! At Appirio, we support the balanced worker. Check out our Culture Blog to learn more about how Appirio is revolutionizing the Worker Experience!

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