Why I’m Really, Really Happy

September 8, 2017 Appirio

By: Kevin See

Here at Appirio, I manage the global strategic partnership with one of our channel partners, Salesforce.com. My primary industry focuses are in Healthcare/Life Sciences, Nonprofit, and Higher Education, and I look after the alliance in Key Geographic regions in the United States. While I really enjoy building, creating, and fixing stuff in my spare time, I focus on the continuous improvement of myself, as well as my work, every day. I have a passion for people, problem solving, connecting-the-dots, giving back, and making things better. Enough about me, how about why I do it?

I was in a bad spot a few years ago. I was at a job that paid well, but it dragged me down. I did some research and found out that on average most Americans spend more time at work than with friends and family. So I did some simple bar-napkin math, and realized I needed to make a change; so I did. I wanted to work for a company that fostered a culture of purpose, and honesty. Fast forward to today — three years under my belt at Appirio — and I’m feeling valued, experiencing work-life balance, and being surrounded by awesome people who inspire me to be the real me. I’m really, really happy, and I attribute this to Appirio.

I joined Appirio in 2015 because I’d heard great things about its culture. At Appirio, culture is about working with really passionate, honest people that enjoy learning from each other. Our CEO still values a culture of openness, honesty, and transparency today, as much as the day the company was founded 11 years ago. When asked what keeps him up at night, his answer is always, “Maintaining Appirio’s culture.”

But that’s not all. At Appirio, you have the autonomy and unbridled opportunity to explore and set your own path to success. The opportunity to shine is limited only by your hunger to succeed. Case in point: In late 2015, only nine months after joining Appirio, my former manager and I presented an idea to our leadership to, “manage our Salesforce partnership as if it were our most strategic customer.” That’s become my career, and I can honestly say that I love what I do. I’m challenged to be better every day; I get to make an impact on the areas of the business I personally care about. I’ve made awesome friends along the way, and I’m really thankful that I am able to say that.

      The team at Dreamforce 2015


      Global Appirio & Salesforce Alliance team dinner celebrating a new year in Chicago

      Team dinner in Indianapolis

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