Why I Made the Leap

December 16, 2016 Kellie Hiatt


When you’re in sales, leaving your book of business and existing customer base for a new opportunity can be a challenging and complex decision. Three of our Account Executives share their own stories about making that leap and joining Appirio.

Meet the Account Executives:

cfChris Fuller:

As an Account Executive for Appirio, Chris focuses on translating business problems and strategic corporate objectives into technology solutions that deliver agility and results by aligning strategy with technology and transforming the way people work. When Chris came to Appirio, he was new to selling cloud services.

ts Tim Sassone:

As an Account Executive for Appirio, Tim partners with companies to address their key challenges. He is responsible for generating business at new accounts and expanding relationships with existing customers. Tim serves as a cloud advisor to Appirio’s enterprise customers. When Tim came to Appirio, he was new to the partner ecosystem.

dl Donna Lloyd:

As an Account Executive for Appirio, Donna runs her territory like an entrepreneur —  offering customers a white glove experience as she helps them reimagine the possibilities for their business. When Donna came to Appirio, she was an industry veteran. She grew up in the Salesforce ecosystem and was tired of losing deals to Appirio’s unique value proposition in the marketplace.

Why Appirio?

CF: I came to Appirio because I knew cloud was the future. I joined for the growth opportunities, the chance to work with leading edge technology, and the ability to evolve my skillset within market. I also loved the culture; it’s second to none, and is driven from the top down — and it’s not a bunch of fluff. The culture is as autonomous as you want it to be. You’re given a lot of freedom to do your job and you’re not micromanaged. In sales, that freedom was huge for me. I also really love how collaborative Appirio is; while most of the team is remote, I feel more connected to my team than I ever have before. I feel flattered that I get to work with the people that I do.

TS: I work at Appirio because of the best in breed technology solutions we offer our customers. We have a great strategic vision to disrupt the IT services business and that was a vision I aligned with. I’m given the opportunity to grow and continuously learn by expanding my skillset.

DL: In my career, I grew up in the Salesforce ecosystem. But Appirio was always the partner to watch. As a previous competitor, I kept my eye on Appirio and I knew the caliber of people were bar none. I loved Appirio’s value proposition and resourcing model — it competes in this marketplace and wins. We aren’t just looking at the systems and the application landscape, we are reimagining the possibilities of how our customers can do business.

What advice do you have for someone considering a sales opportunity at Appirio?

CF: The learning curve is what you make of it. At Appirio, you are your own manager of time. Do the things other people aren’t willing to do. Build trust in the channel; be out, be visible, network, and most importantly, build relationships. My move to Appirio catapulted my career by about 10 years. The opportunities are limitless here. The decision to join Appirio made my career.

TS: The sales cycle at Appirio is incredibly collaborative, so welcome others into your cycle. Be sure to come with an opinion, but stay flexible and be open to collaboration. Together as a team, you’ll offer the customer the best solution.

DL: You can really blaze your own path at Appirio. There’s the opportunity to specialize based on your interests, experience, or territory. If you’re good at listening and solving business problems, then there’s a fit for you. There are so many services in your bag that you can offer to your customers, which creates a great opportunity to earn. Embrace the collaborative and spirited environment.

Whether you’re new to cloud, new to the ecosystem, or an industry veteran, you too could find a unprecedented opportunity in sales at Appirio.

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