Why We Love Appirio, But You May Not

August 24, 2018 Hope Williams

Ever sat in a job interview and wished everyone would just be honest with you? You always hear about the positives of a company, but does anyone ever really talk about the negatives? At Appirio, we thrive on transparency and open communication. So, in sticking with our values, we decided to share why working at here might not be the best fit for you. .  

1) You prefer not to laugh at mistakes
Hannah Montana once said “Everybody makes mistakes, everyone has those days.” And here at Appirio, we know that to be true. Appirio lore includes emailing the entire company asking for “Hawaiian sh**s” to be added to the company store (instead of shirts). If you don’t like to laugh at yourself, then you may not like it here. 

2) Your prefer to not connect (digitally) with your coworkers 
If you belong in the the “friends-and-family-only on social media” group — with the exception being LinkedIn — you might not like Appirio. Appirians love to follow on all social media platforms and will quickly increase your like count! 

3) You’ll be home alone (but you’ll have to show your face on camera)
Remote working is a different lifestyle, and if you are used to going into an office everyday, this may not be the place for you. You’ll need to get use to banter being done via chat instead of the breakroom. Not seeing coworkers in person on a regular basis can drive some people nuts. 

4) Faster than a speeding bullet?
Working at Appirio means moving fast; to be honest, faster than you’re probably used to moving. You should be prepared to be nimble, and you need to be comfortable with change. Embrace it, because it’s what makes Appirio great. And remember: you’re surrounded by awesome people, who will always lend a hand to help you keep up.

5) You prefer non breathable polyester and sweat stains
“Business casual” is not in the Appirio guidebook, and though we all enjoy occasionally dressing up, we prefer being comfortable. The rigid and sweat-inducing seams of traditional office wear remind you to maintain a rigid and sweat-inducing method of work. We prefer to wear jeans and an Appirio baseball tee. 

6) You crave micromanagement and dependency 
Empowered workers, psh. You like to wait at your desk until told explicitly what to do and how to do it, preferably the same things you’ve done before. At Appirio, you’ll likely have the chance to try new opportunities, be staffed on different projects and wear many hats. Appirio gives you the flexibility to figure out what hat fits you best, while also building your choices for accessories.

7) You prefer not to help others
You'll never get anywhere in life helping others, amirite? At Appirio, we work to improve customers daily experiences with cloud technology, but even outside that, there are SO many opportunities to help others. We are able to help our community through our Volunteer Time Off hours, or our Silver Lining Initiative. 

8) You are not comfortable being uncomfortable 
If you are only happy in an environment that is consistent, where you always have the answers, and you work on projects that are in your comfort zone then this might not be the place for you.  At Appirio you can expect to spend a good amount of your time testing the boundaries of your personal knowledge, the wisdom of the organization, and capabilities of the technologies that you are working on.  This is fast paced, exciting, tip of the spear consulting work which will challenge you to grow and learn fast.  

Do you think that Appirio might be a fit for you? What are you waiting for?! Head to our careers page!

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