Why Women are Key to the Future of Cloud Computing

February 9, 2018 Julie Coval

So, what is this cloud thing everyone keeps talking about? For a long time, I wasn’t exactly sure what it fully entailed. As I started learning about the tech community, however, I found out how important the cloud would be in my own little world.

Whenever I think of cloud computing, I am amazed at the collaborative and innovative space it provides organizations. These institutions are moving forward to improve business intelligence and decision-making tactics, and cloud computing makes these operations seamless. If you were to compare cloud computing to traditional computing, you would see the difficulties that can occur when you store data in one place. An employee would either have to use the one computer server where their data is stored, or save the data on an external drive to bring it to another computer. If I am working on the same document as my coworker, I can’t see the changes being made. If I can’t work in real-time with my coworker — and see the updates being made —  how will I know my work is an efficient use of time?

In the same way, there is a traditional and current trend of men dominating the tech industry. As I think about traditional computing and the benefits of cloud computing, I can’t help but compare it with men and women in the tech industry. Let me explain what I mean.

Tackling the tech gender gap

To date, there is an overall gender gap between men and women in tech roles. As of 2016, it was estimated that only 15 percent of all tech employees were female. But the tech industry is built for pioneers. It needs inclusion, diversity, and continuous transformation as the world moves forward. If we continue to dominate this tech world with men, we operate in traditional computing. We have similar perspectives, thoughts, and mindsets that lead us to staying in one place — just as data is stored in one place using traditional styles. I can’t help but believe that as we multiply the number of women in the tech industry, we multiply the attitudes, opportunities, and variation of products we build. We can collaborate together, in real-time, with our heads in the cloud.

As a community, we need participation and cooperation to help bring more women to tech. I have been fortunate to find this support at Appirio. I am encouraged to attend events such as Linking Indy Women, Ladies in SaaS, and other conferences to better myself, as well as increase my technical knowledge. I see our organization promoting Grace Hopper, I see my male coworkers supporting women by participating in Lean In circles, and I see multiple women in leadership positions. I work for a company who is promoting women, technology, and innovation.

I work at Appirio, and I am a woman in the cloud.

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