10 Genuinely Good Reasons to Visit Appirio at Workday Rising

October 28, 2014 Ray Rivera


  1. You can learn the story of how Appirio was named, and what the word Appirio really means. Is it an animal, vegetable, or mineral? Is it an acronym, for example All People Prefer Interesting, Relevant, Inspiring Occupations? Or is it a portmanteau word, perhaps combining application with aria, connoting the sublime, lyrical, radiant quality of a truly masterfully designed app? Stick around and we might even mention some of the company names that didn’t make the final cut.
  1. We can have some meaningful discussions about why we all believe that people are truly the most valuable investment in any organization, and consequently why we at Appirio think HR & FInance should be managed with the same level of care, discipline, and accountability, on the same platform.
  1. You can experience the visual arts without setting foot in a museum. We won’t have any artwork of Marc Benioff on display adorning our booth, as we did recently at Dreamforce 2014. But we will have six personally meaningful booth artwork panels that will convey a lot about who we are as people, and how we want to connect with you. We hope they will inspire you, not only to connect with us at Workday Rising, but to connect with your workforce long after the last Workday Rising session has concluded.
  1. We can go into detail about how payroll really can be strategic. And as a bonus we can even demonstrate that winsome look of puzzlement that can only come from a terrier cocking his head, which is the response I’ve gotten when I’ve mistakenly declared that payroll is not strategic.
  1. We won’t be wearing any special booth uniforms, so most likely we’ll be dressed like you. We believe that HR professionals are assuming a unique and elegant style that matches the vibrancy of the workforce they serve. We hope it will all prompt natural conversations about things we all feel very passionate about. and we look forward to the opportunity to learn from you.
  1. We will have some nifty sound cubes to give away, which will be the perfect implements to plug into to your devices and play aloud the tunes that move you, in our booth if you’d like. You can share with us your current playlist of walk up music. Or you can create a new playlist, perhaps, the 10 best songs about San Francisco, or the 10 worst, or 10 best you’ve probably never heard of.
  1. You can consult with experts one-on one about getting to the next level of your cloud-enabled business. We’ll have some of the very best in the industry on hand to help you discover ways to enrich and extend your cloud asset capabilities through our subscription-based access to cloud expertise and technology, based on thousands of cloud projects across multiple platforms.
  1. Renew old friendships by letting the numbers work for you. By the principles of probability the likelihood is high that you’ll encounter an old friend or colleague while visiting our booth. And we’d be thrilled to be provide the environment that facilitates a renewed collaboration. It is one of the things HR is getting very good at doing these days.
  1. Join the Hot Stove League, even if you don’t follow baseball. Our booth will be staffed by devoted fans of both the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals, along with the faithful of those teams that did not reach the World Series this year, all right alongside persons who could care less about baseball. So regardless of your affinity for baseball, we’ll have something in common.
  2. We can look back on where we were just one year ago, and have a few laughs, both of the jovial and knowing sorts. We will take it all as good clean fun to compare our lists of 2014 HR predictions, and enjoy some hearty chuckles on the ones where we were off. We can chat about what was top of mind then and what has changed, and give some serious reflection on our predictions that indeed came to pass. We can also talk about some of our predictions along with yours for 2015.

My colleagues and I welcome you warmly to San Francisco, Appirio’s hometown, and to Workday Rising 2014. Let’s inspire a new worker experience!

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