10 Reasons Why HR Is Red Hot Right Now

October 30, 2014 Ray Rivera


  1. HR technology is fast becoming the system where talent actually gets work done, rather than a clunky tech location where they just enter their names, addresses, benefit elections, and anonymous gripes. And HR is handling it well, managing the inputs with an appropriate touch, rather than the outputs with a heavy hand.
  1. Top talent is being engaged long before they ever reach out to organizations, while they are customers, early adopters, and online community members. Recruiters are recognizing this and making multiple touches, adeptly engaging potential employees so that both can act quickly when the timing is right. That is how a real labor market works, and recruiters are the new market makers of the digital economy.
  1. HR and Finance are finally becoming recognized as rainmakers in the company, and are joining forces on the cloud to make it rain.
  1. It’s Homecoming Season again, and what do you know? The nerds and the jocks are starting to hang out a lot with each other, and finding out they have a lot in common. The Homecoming Court is all STEM girls, and all active code writers. And the STEM boys are going to the Homecoming Dance with cheerleaders, drum majors, captains of the volleyball team as well as the robotics team. And one of the STEM boys is DJ’ing the Dance, and counts Tiesto, DJ Cam, Quentin Harris, Kaskade, and Armin Van Buuren among his Twitter followers. And the light show – all four hours of it is set and designed by his STEM girlfriend. She even built most of the kit herself. Word has it they both will get early admits to all the CHYMPS schools. This is the future leadership of HR, and this is the world HR is creating right now.
  1. Companies are saying, “People are our most valuable investment,” and are actually finding innovative ways to do something about it.
  1. We’ve gotten a lot of folks to the top of Maslow’s pyramid, where work is motivated by a desire to “accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be,” and workers act upon deep levels of engagement with their environments. And HR has found that it can engage workers at many other levels of the pyramid, and provide a worker experience that is fulfilling to the entire workforce.
  1. Companies are realizing that it is not beneficial to be in the habit of fouling in the environments where they want to thrive. In fact, they are placing at the center of their employer brands conscientious efforts to make their immediate environments more agreeable and livable. HR is leading these efforts by providing volunteering and philanthropy opportunities, and creating sustainable environments that minimize waste, both of physical and human resources.
  1. Learning and Development is emerging with renewed vigor, as the driver of the learning organization, and the creator of content the brings about change. HR is giving businesses the capacity to shape their business environments rather than simply reacting to them, and an unprecedented ability to create thriving organizational cultures that spread to their customer bases and throughout their ecosystems.
  1. After 100 years of research human resource management, we are finally applying valid and scientific principles to HR practice, rather than than the ear-tickling nonsense of management gurus. HR is becoming a leader in facilitating the data-driven enterprise, implementing valid measures of performance that also provide the right incentives for the right behaviors.
  1. Hiring decisions are being made mutually, as a result of transparency facilitated by mobile and especially social technology. Companies and talent are not engaging with one another in a succession of exaggerations, concealments, or hand-waving, hoping that the other doesn’t find out until a year or two after hire. HR is setting up systems to establish trust at the very outset, and promote it throughout the employee life cycle.

HR is indeed red hot right now, and Workday Rising 2014 is the place to hang out with a lot of people who are changing the way we work, play, and thrive. Chances are you are one of them. Come by Appirio’s booth and connect with many more like you!


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