3 Reasons We’re Excited About Office 2.0

August 15, 2008 Appirio

Ryan Nichols
Why are we so excited about this year’s Office 2.0 conference ?

First is the theme: Enterprise Adoption. Using online tools to “get things done” is a topic that all of us at Appirio have always been passionate about personally– we run our day-to-day lives on Salesforce and Google Apps, and most of cringe every time we have to install any piece of on-premise software on our laptops. But while the personal value proposition of Office 2.0 solutions is clear, we’re still at the early stages of seeing enterprise adoption of these tools. And that is a topic that interests us professionally: there is massive opportunity in accelerating the adoption of these tools in sizeable organizations– that’s the premise on which Appirio was founded.

Second are the sponsors:
In addition to the usual suspects (e.g., salesforce.com, Google), you’ll see some new faces at this year’s conference. Consider Salesforce and Intacct– two companies not traditionally associated with personal productivity solutions. The fact that they are interested in Office 2.0 is a clue to why this year’s theme is enterprise adoption. We’ve blogged before about the power of bring together solutions for businesses with solutions for business people, and talked about why this is so difficult using on-premise software. Office 2.0 solutions are increasingly being used to achieve the holy grail of enterprise computing– getting the right information to the right people at the right time to drive the right actions. When the tools that people love to use to get their work done can display business information relevant to the task at hand, the business value proposition of Office 2.0 will be clear. Appirio is excited to help make this happen– this is why we are proud to be a Silver Sponsor of this year’s event.

The final reason we’re so excited about this year’s Office 2.0 event is the tone with which Ismael throws the entire production together. No paper. No desktop software. Non-traditional pricing. Centered on demos instead of slides. Rapid cycle between idea and execution. Ismael practices what we are all preaching, and the impact is clear– a fresh, innovative conference.

So meet us there:
the people will be fantastic, the content will be compelling, and Appirio will have some exciting news to share. The conference is September 3-5, at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco. Sign up here as a guest of Appirio and get $300 off the registration cost.

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