3 Reasons Why Legal Teams Are Choosing Conga

April 26, 2019 Hassan Syed

What is Conga? 

A Salesforce Platinum Partner, Conga offers a suite of products that helps streamline critical business processes. Conga is focused on digital document transformation and simplifying and automating data, documents, contracts, and reporting so that businesses can focus on higher value activities and close deals faster anytime, anywhere.  

When to use Conga?

Conga is getting a lot of traction with legal teams across the globe, especially those who manage their day to day function using slow, cumbersome offline tools with minimal automation. With numerous legal documents such as MSAs, SOWs, and NDAs, flying back and forth with integrated redlining and document tracking, staying on top of the latest changes is exceptionally challenging without cloud-based version control. 

Without an automated, cloud-based workflow, many legal teams struggle with internal and external approvals on legal documents. Because each document may need multiple rounds of review, the lack of automation needlessly slows the negotiation and contract finalization process. These legal teams also often lack basic electronic signature capabilities; this means each time a document changes, the signers have to print, add their handwritten signatures, scan, and email the updated legal document for the next round of review. 

Conga may be the solution you’re looking for if… 

  • Your legal team uses offline tools that have minimal automation. 
  • Your legal team doesn’t have digitized redlining or document tracking capabilities. 
  • Your legal team doesn’t have electronic signature capabilities or a streamlined internal and external approval process. 

To create a frictionless contract review process, you’ll need a full Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) tool. But developing a comprehensive CLM solution that’s tailored to your specific needs requires experience and an in-depth understanding of your business. 

That’s where Appirio, Conga, and Salesforce come in. We’re experts in building document generation, contracts, and approvals-based solutions that improve your team’s day to day tasks and interactions. 

To learn how to accelerate your contract review and finalization process, connect with a document digitization expert. 

Partner for impact 
Appirio won Conga’s Global Systems Integrator of the Year award. Read the full story here. 


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Hassan Syed

Hassan is an IT executive with over 20 years of leadership experience in leveraging technology and people to transform and grow small to large scale businesses. Hassan holds five Salesforce certifications, two Conga Certifications, and several others from Apttus and Vlocity. Hassan is an expert in starting new business ventures from Lead to Cash functions and has built large teams in North America, Europe, Asia (India, Malaysia), and South America (Mexico, Brazil) with a sharp focus on execution across organizational KPIs and metrics.

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