3 Simple Ways to Boost Your ROI on CX

September 6, 2016 Jiordan Castle


It may be the age of the customer, but many companies still have blind spots when it comes to delivering the best possible Customer Experience (CX). When it comes to CX, business leaders need to do 2 things: differentiate and improve ROI (something that is often difficult to measure, let alone improve). It doesn’t sound simple because, well, it isn’t. But breaking it down into easy-to-digest pieces is possible, and it’s something every organization can and should do in order to get more from their CX investments.

Here are 3 proven ways to maximize your returns on CX… and stay ahead of the competition in the process:

Figure out what kind of CX you’re capable of delivering

You can’t get anywhere without knowing where you’re coming from. Though that last sentence reads like I’ve butchered a James Taylor song, it’s true; you can’t successfully innovate and differentiate on CX if you haven’t first assessed your CX capabilities. Is your company mobile-friendly? Is the CX you provide consistent across all customer touchpoints? These are the kinds of questions that need answers before you can innovate and optimize. Take our CX maturity quiz to find out where your company’s strengths lie.

Know (and target) your audience

Second only to knowing what kind of CX your company is set up to deliver is knowing your target audience. Building buyer personas can help your company not only understand who your target audience is, but also what their goals are — all before you take the necessary steps to better serve them. When you know your customers, you’re more capable of delivering on their wants.

In fact, Forrester Research found that using personas when doing a website redesign can provide a return of up to 4 times more than a redesign without them. The lesson here is: Focus on personalizing your CX and you’ll see positive results for you and your customers.

Adjust your CX strategy based on the measurable value of CX

This one is easier said than done. As Andy Main says in Ad Age, “Many companies struggle to quantify the value created by their CX investments, either because they are locked into a narrow view of value, or they don’t know how to get the right data.” There are 2 clear ways to address these issues: by doing a comprehensive analysis of customer data across every touchpoint and implementing a closed-loop feedback process like that provided by Medallia.


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