3 Summer ‘19 Release Updates that Can Streamline Your Lightning Transition

May 8, 2019 Halie Vining

To risk being a little too cliché this spring... Lightning is Coming! And while (almost) all of us love a good “Game of Thrones” pun... the sentiment is real. With the Summer ‘19 Release previewing last week, we’re only one release away from a “Lightning for Everyone” world. In December 2018, Salesforce announced that starting in October 2019, all orgs would be Lightning-enabled. While October’s release won’t eliminate Classic, your users will be able to access Lightning whether you want them to or not.  

If you’re behind on your Lightning rollout, don’t fear. The Summer ‘19 Release, scheduled for release on June 14-15, is full of new Lightning tools that’ll help speed up your transition.  

1. Lightning Experience Transition Assistant  

Transition Assistant replaces Salesforce’s Migration Assistant tool. The new Assistant is streamlined into three phases: Discover, Rollout, and Optimize. The updated Assistant provides more granular tools in each phase to better assist in managing your Lightning transition. 

You’ll find the new Lightning Experience Transition Assistant in ‘Setup’ in Classic. 

Lightning Experience Transition Assistant in Salesforce Classic

2. Lightning Experience Configuration Configurator 

With the potential to be the most useful Lightning transition tool yet, the Configuration Converter both automates common transition tasks and scans Visualforce pages. With more than three years of Lightning transition data, Salesforce has been able to distill common challenges and conversions. Leveraging Configuration Converter to automate these updates should accelerate the Lightning transition of any org and can significantly cut back on transition time for low complexity orgs that primarily use config, not code. 

While Configuration Converter can’t automate custom updates, it can scan Visualforce pages and help identify key focus areas. This tool reports which pages users view the most and which they never view at all. 

Configuration Converter isn’t accessible via your org. You’ll have to log in here. 

3. Lightning Experience Adoption 

Creating Lightning onboarding training can be time-consuming, and let’s be real, training doesn’t always stick. With the Adoption tool, admins can create in-app guidance to walk users through new workflows or UI updates. While these custom prompts won’t cut down on your transition time, they will mitigate onboarding risks, so you can spend more time rolling out Lightning updates and less time assisting users. Like Transition Assistant, you can access the new Adoption tool in ‘Setup.’ Simply search for “in-app guidance” in the Quick Find box. 
Unfortunately, Lightning transition tools don’t guarantee a smooth rollout. But with the Winter Release inching closer, it’s more critical than ever to tackle your Lightning migration. If your org is fairly out-of-the-box, you might be in good shape, but if you want to avoid an influx of helpdesk tickets or requests, I’d recommend running a quick diagnostic to evaluate your Lightning readiness and conversion needs. 

If you’re racing the Lightning clock, we’d love to talk. Our experts have tackled Lightning transitions that span from quick, one-month rollouts to multi-year phased rollouts. Plus, we’ve led one of the most complex custom app Lightning migrations to date – our very own Cloud Management Center! Don’t wait until it’s too late, get in touch today! 

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