4 Steps to a Fitter Email Program

January 9, 2018 Mindi Staley

New Year’s resolutions are popular, especially those committing to personal fitness. But did you know that automated email programs need regular health maintenance too?

It’s challenging enough to get email programs up and running, so planning for their continued updates can be daunting. Scheduled updates are something you can work into any number of programs you manage, because it is broken down into digestible, routine steps. We want you to keep your email programs at the top of their game, so we’ve created a checklist to incorporate this ‘strength training’ into your work day!
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1: Create a master spreadsheet that is shared with all stakeholders

Basic email program maintenance includes a comprehensive record of what you’re running. Yet many companies don’t maintain this list. It is critical for you to inform your stakeholders of what is running, when it was built, when it was last updated, the goals, and the KPIs. Create this as a shared document, so program owners can update their campaign details regularly.

2: Set a manageable update schedule for each email program at inception

When a program is first built, it requires frequent reviews (since A/B testing should be running, and high-level goal estimates are set). Once the initial content, imagery, and send schedule are finalized, a monthly check for updates is the minimum recommendation. Look at key stats (opens, unsubscribes, clicks) month over month, and continue testing and refining your email program.
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3: Email program fitness must be a positive Worker Experience

Workers are challenged with deadlines, so ensure this maintenance process is both a priority and easy for stakeholders. Implement the right technology that allows for quick program changes — from content updates, to data changes, and analysis. Testing and reporting should be simple and visible within the platform you use. Workers should feel empowered to make necessary improvements. They should also be able to complete these tasks in the automation tool.

4: Gauge email program success through the Customer Experience

Understanding how your customers view your communications is critical. Surveys, focus groups, and social media listening are just a few options for mining customer feedback. Run quarterly or semi-annual tests on each communication program to review the content, flow, and cadence for accuracy and relevance.
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Building these four recommendations into your email program implementation will give you an edge over the competition. Not only that, but this New Year’s Resolution will benefit your team, company, and customers in 2018 and beyond! We want to help you succeed, so feel free to check out Appirio Resource Hub — a library of blogs, ebooks, videos, and publications to support businesses in the cloud.

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