5 Great Gift Ideas For The Salesforce Org That Has Everything

December 5, 2016 John Gorup


It’s there for you all year, processing your leads and handling your cases. The holiday season is a great time to show your Salesforce org how much you love and appreciate it. But what do you give the Salesforce org that has everything? Here are 5 great gift ideas:

A deep cleaning

The busier your org is, the more junk piles up in it. A messy org isn’t just an embarrassment, it can actually make your organization less competitive. The first step in cleaning up a messy org is to diagnose how much tidying it really needs. Most admins will intuitively know the parts of the org they’ve let get messy. Maybe there’s too many unused objects or fields. Maybe test code coverage is too low. Or maybe the org is filled with bad or stale data. Regardless, one way to find out is with Appirio’s free Cloud Metrics report. This report will give you insight into your org’s complexity and problem areas.

Better trained admins

The better trained the people are who care and feed your Salesforce org, the better decisions they will make. Better decision making adds up, helping organizations get more value from Salesforce. In many fast-paced organizations, though, admins are not given enough time to “sharpen the saw.” The good news is Salesforce’s Trailhead has made training easier to consume. Training up a staff on Salesforce no longer requires time-consuming classes and boring workbooks. Even still, it’s important to give your admins a chance to work on their trailhead badges. Some user groups sponsor Trailhead Lock-ins to give admins a fun day to improve their skills.

A Community Cloud

If you want to deepen relationships with employees, customers, or partners, Community Cloud is a great way to do it. Community Cloud is a full-on collaboration solution that sits on top of Sales, Service, and Marketing clouds. Of course, implementing Community Cloud requires careful strategy, but pre-built lightning bolt solutions, which provide industry-tailored community templates, make the implementation faster than ever.

Better support

As the year closes, it’s a good time to reflect on whether or not you’re giving your Salesforce org the support it needs. One place to start is by looking at page 3 of Salesforce’s Best Practices for Admins guide. It provides guidelines for adequate staffing based on the number of users in the org. Also, Appirio created a quiz that can give you an idea of how supported your org is, based on its size and complexity. Of course, finding certified Salesforce professionals to add to your team can be difficult, so think about how a managed service might help you get more value from your Salesforce investment.

Appirio Cloud Storage

If you want a more cost-effective way to store more data in your Salesforce org, Appirio’s Cloud Storage may be a good option for you. This solution replaces native Salesforce attachment functionality by storing files on Amazon S3. The solution is very easy to install and is intuitive for users. (Everyone at Appirio uses Appirio Cloud Storage for uploading expense report receipts — so we know how well it works first-hand.)

Your Salesforce org works hard all year, and during this holiday season it deserves some extra love and attention. But of course, so do you. Please enjoy this season, and I hope to see you in 2017!

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