5 Updates Being Showcased at Workday Rising Europe 2014

March 12, 2014 Appirio EMEA

workday rising europe

We have a confession.

We’re big Workday fans and looking forward to Workday Rising Europe 2014.

If you have been bogged down by slow, inefficient and downright useless HR technology then it’s time you learned more about Workday! Or maybe you have Workday, and just want to learn how to utilise all the new features that are available, either way we have something for you…

So, what better way than to attend the upcoming Workday Rising Europe 2014 (which is the first Workday Rising conference based in London & Europe) and see how they are building a truly innovative piece of software, all geared to help the ever embattled HR teams job easier.

With that in mind we decided to put together the top features we are excited about and wanted to share this with you in advance.

These are;

  • 240 New Features in 21
  • Visual Redesign for the User Interface
  • Recruiting
  • Big Data
  • Time Tracking

Europe Rising will be the opportunity to hear about these plans and influence Workday face-to-face on what your business needs in order for your Workday implementation to be even more effective and deliver more for your European business.

Lets go into more detail…

Workday have previously indicated that post WD21 their focus will shift to global requirements and functionality – in particular for EMEA. This is evidenced by the first Europe Rising, the announcement of UK Payroll and also the recent appointment of Chano Fernandez as EMEA President.

Visual redesign

The big news for Workday 21 is the long awaited visual redesign. Up to now Workday have been using an Adobe technology called Flex to provide their user interface. In the early days this gave Workday the ability to create a much richer user interface than was possible with traditional web-based applications, but over the last couple of years the rise of HTML5 has shifted the  balance.

Workday’s stated aims for the redesign are to make their software:

(quote from workday site)

  • SIMPLER –  Reduce clutter and enhance usability
  • FASTER – Increase efficiency and enhance self-service interaction
  • SMARTER – Make applications consistent and functionality more intuitive

And a lot of effort has gone into achieving these goals. Originally the release was to be before Christmas, but Workday have pushed this back in order to incorporate the feedback they’ve received from their customers. So far the results look good, and the adoption of modern web technologies means further changes can be made with much less effort in the future.

Workday Recruiting

The beginning of the brand new Recruitment/Applicant Tracking platform in Workday has been shown to us and I know a lot of companies are excited about this.

It shows how Workday is listening to customers needs and provides yet more functionality to streamline internal processes without the need for integration.

It shows an impressive customisable external website for Job Postings and candidates can apply easily as well as answer custom questionnaires . These applications are fed into a funnel for Hiring Managers to view and assess.

Applicants then travel through the internal process, however a company may want to design it, and end up hired/stored for another time/communicated to. The new ‘dynamic business process’ is something to be admired.

The fact this recruiting area has been built with mobile in mind, the demo seen on the mobile platform using HTML5 really is Workday at its best!

Big Data

The end of your on-premise data-warehouse is here, as Workday Big Data Analytics allows you to easily tap into multiple structured and unstructured data sources and combine them with your core Workday data to gain new business insights.

Imagine having your recruitment pipeline data in workday, your employee annual survey results, data from Linkedin or data from just about any source you want to bring in to compliment, enhance and analyse with your Workday data and give this directly to the decision makers and those that need to know right across your organisation.

With it’s a familiar, easy-to-use interface that lets you explore and analyse your data, containing more than 220 pre-built functions, you can quickly and easily analyse your data – from simple joins and filters to more advanced algorithms, such as sentiment analysis and forecasting. No longer do you need your DBA or your complex ETL’s – this is a familiar interface that gives the control to those that are closest to the data.

Accelerate insight into pressing HR and finance business scenarios with pre-built analytic templates delivered by us, Workday and customers. It’s just the beginning and make sure you find out more by attending the BDA101 Session.

Time Tracking

Having recently implemented time tracking for an organization in EMEA, we have seen first hand the huge benefits this brought to our clients. Moving from an error inducing paper based method to a fully automated Workday solution in a matter of weeks.

It simplifies global workforce management by configuring workflows, processes and work rules in a single, consumer-driven, application. It also allows you to control labour costs and compliance risks through seamless integration with Workday HCM, Payroll, Absence and Work Management.

Imagine the benefits within your business of a unified, end-to-end user experience that works on the web, on mobile devices, or with a physical time clock, with robust approval workflows and real time reporting.

Make sure you check out ‘PAY103 – Introduction to Workday Time Tracking’ or contact us directly for further information about how this could transform your business.

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