5 Ways to Help a Salesforce Administrator Be Successful

August 18, 2016 John Gorup

A Salesforce administrator carries a heavy burden. For one, organizations are always trying to get more out of their investment in Salesforce CRM. That means not only having world-class sales and service functionality, but gaining more insight through reporting, and expanding functionality into other business functions; this on top of the the day-to-day of managing users, keeping the app secure, and handling data makes the admin job very challenging.

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For enterprises running on Salesforce, finding and keeping a certified admin is essential. Of course, Salesforce admins are in high demand in the job market. To attract talented admins, companies need to provide a competitive salary and the opportunity for professional growth. That is a given. But if an organization wants to set up an admin for success, they need to give them a great deal more than just an admin login. Admins need an environment built for success. Here are 5 ways organizations can help their Salesforce admin succeed:

Build them a Center of Excellence

A Center of Excellence (CoE) is an employee-led, cross-functional group of people in your organization meant to help guide your Salesforce implementation. A CoE comes together to discuss and collaborate on large-scale concepts, granular ideas, tools, and solutions pertaining to a specific platform or business initiative.

Most of all, a CoE gives admins a framework for making decisions. The CoE can set business priorities so enhancement requests can be triaged. Leaving an admin alone to handle the constant flow of requests is a recipe for burnout and attrition.

Invest in their training

Keeping a Salesforce org afloat takes time and focus. It’s important that organizations give admins time to “sharpen the saw.” The good news is that Salesforce’s Trailhead makes training fun and consumable. Still, since Salesforce upgrades 3 times a year, it’s important that admins are given time to digest what’s new. While time is a limited commodity, training is a great investment because it can guide better decision-making in the long run. Frequently, for example, Salesforce will provide new out-of-the-box functionality that can avoid a costly customization. Without training, it’s easy for an admin to miss a better option.

Engage with a managed service

A managed service is a subscription-based team that can help provide maintenance and enhancements. Appirio’s unique managed service offering is called Cloud Management, and helps admins by giving them an Iron Man suit of talent around them. The admin can work with the Cloud Management team to provide a constant flow of enhancements and technical support in order to get the most value out of Salesforce.


Give them time to go to a Salesforce User Group

Salesforce has an incredible community, and it’s important that organizations give admins time to engage with it. A big part of this community is Salesforce User Groups. Salesforce sponsors groups all over the world. These groups usually feature a presentation from a Salesforce partner or expert. There’s often time set aside for discussion, in which admins can share ideas and help solve one another’s problems. Some User Groups even have a day focused just on building knowledge through Trailhead.

Send them to Dreamforce

I know it’s expensive and requires spending the better part of a week in San Francisco. But it is only once a year, and truly a unique experience that more than pays for itself. Dreamforce is not only a massive learning opportunity with sessions to fit any admin’s needs; it is ground zero for understanding new features and announcements. Dreamforce is simply the event for admins to gain knowledge and inspiration to help their organization get the most value out of their Salesforce investment.

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