6 Sessions We're Looking Forward to at NRF 2019

January 8, 2019 Charlsie Niemiec

Start spreading the news...Team Appirio is headed to the Big Apple to attend the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2019 Big Show, alongside Wipro, our parent company. For over a century, the NRF has represented retail, and all the ideas, policies, and people that help this industry thrive. Appirio is eager to attend this conference to learn more about retail trends, so we can better serve our retail customers and their evolving pain points. 

The agenda for NRF’s Big Show is jam-packed with a variety of sessions and a ton of high profile speakers including Chip and Joanna Gaines, founders of the widely popular lifestyle and home brand, Magnolia; Marvin Ellison, CEO and President of Lowe’s, and Heidi Zak, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Third Love. Outside of high profile speakers, the session topics range from ecommerce to brand engagement to building a successful retail culture internally and externally as a business. 

While a team of us are excited to hit the floor of the Jacob K. Javits Convention center January 13-15 to hear these powerful speakers and learn more about retail trends for 2019, here are the top six sessions we can’t wait to sit in on: 

Session 1: Practical challenges of implementing and using data science effectively

A laptop with data, charts and statistics

Successful retail businesses know and understand that they can’t thrive without the right technology supporting their everyday needs. But what makes this particular session so interesting is that it not only covers the implementation of technology but the importance of using the data offered up from such tech options. When it comes to data and implementing the right technology, Appirio excels at building manageable technological solutions with accessible data for retail business owners to understand and use it to make effective business decisions. 

Session 2: Company conscience: Leading with conviction 

A sidewalk with words saying passion led us here

Appirio prides itself on having a strong company culture, which is why we are excited to attend the Company Conscience session. Not only is it critical for retail businesses to consciously think about how they appear in the public eye, but it’s also just as important for businesses to have a progressive, supportive, and thoughtful focus on leadership. Company culture often trickles down into the products being offered, which makes it a critical piece of the puzzle in achieving true success. Learn more about Appirio’s own culture here and see how it not only impacts our employees but the very work we do for our clients. 

Session 3: Featured founders: Entrepreneurial journeys into innovation and commerce

Black woman wearing VR goggles with a smile on her face

Retail has evolved from brick and mortar locations to highly innovative digital ecommerce experiences, and every day retail shopping experiences are changing thanks to the digital space. With constant innovation changing the way consumers shop online, it’s imperative for brands to not only understand what their customers want and need in an ecommerce retail platform, but it’s also key for them to master the way they engage with the very people interested in their brand. Appirio serves its customers with the Virtuous Cycle, which ensures retail businesses and their workers have a flawless experience, along with consumers. Worker experience and customer experience are intrinsically linked, especially when it comes to ecommerce — which is why Appirio is excited to learn more about major brands tying engagement and commerce together. 

Session 4: For the fans: Why open marketplaces matter and breed enthusiast culture

Fans at a concert making heart symbols with their hands

The best and brightest brands understand the importance of what it means to have a consumer as a “fan.” This year, Appirio believes treating consumers as fans and not simply just as consumers will be a major retail trend. Why? Fandom takes a relationship further -and by doing that - brand relevance and reach expands. When retailers can connect with their fans, brand loyalty increases — which is worth its weight in gold because once a consumer feels connected to a brand, they’re more likely to think positively about the brand and become a brand evangelist. 

Session 5: On top of the world: Commanding today’s international retail markets

A globe with a political map of all the continents, countries, cities, and capitals

Appirio is an international company with clients worldwide, so we understand the importance of reaching different audiences and the intricacies that come with launching projects across global markets. We are excited for this particular session because as retail businesses launch on a global scale, Appirio believes it’s critical to highlight and understand the unique value of the business and how to make the value mean the most in every new market. While Appirio focuses on understanding and addressing unique selling points for all its clients, tackling international retail opportunities by understanding emerging markets is a top priority. 

Session 6: Beyond the buzz: State of retail 2019

A half-opened Macbook with a glowing colorful screen against a black background

Out of all the incredible session that NRF 2019 has to offer, Appirio is most excited about Beyond the Buzz: State of Retail 2019 because of the deep dive into what our current and future retail clients can expect this year. With technology leading the way in retail, hearing the challenges and trends that are on the cusp of rolling out is not only exciting but a necessary part of having the right conversations for any retail business. 

So whether you’re a small retail business or a big brand, NRF’s Big Show provides a bounty of useful information and trending projections. We can’t wait to learn throughout the conference and share our findings. 

Are you attending NRF? If so, message us on social media and let us know what you’re most excited about for NRF’s Big Show and use #NRF2019. 



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