7 Benefits of the Worker Experience

September 23, 2014 John Gorup


One way to think of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud is as “serving suggestions.”  Peter Coffee, Director of Platform Research at salesforce.com, has used this helpful metaphor to show that force.com is more than just CRM. One serving suggestion Appirio has seen a hunger for is a force.com platform that improves the Worker Experience.

A Worker Experience platform pulls Human Capital Management (HCM) functionality into a single force.com application. It’s not about replacing HCM software, but about giving employees a single point to enhance their relationship with the organization. Beyond HCM, the Worker Experience gives employees a social and mobile place to improve their experience as an employee. The following are seven key benefits we see companies wanting to gain from a Worker Experience application:

  1. Increase Employee Engagement

The higher percentage of engaged employees an organization has, the more effective it will be. Unfortunately, Forrester has estimated that less than one-third of employees are truly engaged. A social platform with gamification can help companies increase engagement.

  1. Increase Employee Happiness

Engaged employees are happy employees. The successful entrepreneur Richard Branson has written, “Happy employees are central to the success of a business.” Branson goes on to write “You need to think about what your crew needs to stay engaged, and what motivates them in the long term.” Companies need to take a measure of employee happiness, and create a plan to increase it.

  1. Increase Customer Happiness

Happy employees create happy customers.  Mary Liz Curtin writes in the Wall Street Journal “As we make our marketing plans, customer-attraction campaigns and incentive programs, we often focus solely on our customers and don’t realize that our employees are as vital to our success as those who buy the goods.”  A Worker Experience application gives employers a chance to improve customer happiness by increasing employee happiness.

  1. Protect and Enhance the Company Brand

Brand is conveyed through employees as much as it is through products and advertising. Employees need constant reinforcement of their company brand, so their interactions and activities stay on message. A Worker Experience platform acts as a constant reminder of the company’s brand.

  1. Improve the Onboarding Experience

A company has only one opportunity to provide a great onboarding experience for a new employee. A force.com-built platform, integrated with an HCM system, provides a single point of entry for onboarding. The workflow rules in force.com can make sure every step of the process is taken care of, and the new employee feels welcomed.

  1. Increase Human Capital

Nobel Economist Gary Becker wrote “Education, training, and health are the most important investments in human capital. A Worker Experience platform can increase all three of these elements in employees.

  1. Decrease Voluntary Attrition

Attrition of good employees can be very costly to a business. The costs include the time and cost of finding a replacement, as well as the loss of opportunities and productivity. Happy, engaged employees are less likely to take their skills to your competitors.

This list of seven benefits is something every company needs for a competitive advantage. A Worker Experience application built on Force.com can tie HCM to CRM and bring out the best in your workforce.


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