7 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Every Google User

February 23, 2016 Jiordan Castle


  1. Google Calendar. When you visit a website, automatically add any events listed on the page to your Google Calendar with this Chrome extension. Clicking the extension icon also shows you events from your selected calendars, and a “Quick Add” feature allows you to add an event without specifying a time by typing, for instance, “Coffee with Jiordan at 11am Saturday.”
  1. Criptext for Gmail. The good people of Criptext have made it easy to send encrypted emails and track who, when, and where emails you’ve sent have been opened. Perhaps most importantly, you can unsend an email anytime — not just once they’ve been delivered, but even after they’ve been read.
  1. Gmail Offline. Gmail, but… offline. Search your inbox, archive, and read email. The only catch is that you’ll have to wait until you’re back online to send a new email.
  1. Save to Google Drive. If ever you’ve seen something on the internet and wished you could easily save it to Google Drive — be it an audio track, video, image, etc. — this Chrome extension will be music to your ears (eyes?). You can save just about anything in your current Chrome window by right-clicking and selecting “Save to Google Drive” — easy as that.
  1. OneTab and The Great Suspender. Both of these Chrome extensions live to save you memory and reduce visual clutter. With the OneTab extension, all you have to do is click the extension icon and all of your open Chrome tabs will be converted into a tidy list. When you want to restore all tabs to their former glory (or mess), you can restore them one by one or all at once. The Great Suspender doesn’t have the same visual effect (you’ll still see all the tabs), but it does effectively “freeze” them, so tabs not currently in use don’t use up precious memory. A tab can then be restored by clicking anywhere on the page.
  1. GoToMeeting for Google Calendar. If you want to have a non-Google meeting, you can actually send a GoToMeeting invite right from your Google Calendar. Simply install the Chrome extension, create an invite in Google Calendar as you would normally, and click “Add” above the meeting description.
  1. Black Menu for Google™. Another space-saver, Black Menu offers easy, hassle-free access to the most important searchable components of the Google ecosystem. Instead of having to open several tabs to search a restaurant in Google Maps or Google multiple celebrities, you can get one streamlined menu in a small window with clickable tools (e.g., Search, Gmail, Drive, etc.) — leaving your Chrome window cleaner than ever.


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