7 Reasons You Should Come To The Worker Experience Tour

April 5, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

Your workers hold the social capital to your company. Think about it. A customer’s primary touchpoint to your brand is through your employees. It’s fundamental that every worker stay engaged and happy with their work. Learning how to keep your employees satisfied is a genuine benefit of attending the Worker Experience (WX) Tour. The worldwide series of events will feature industry experts and thought leaders who will reveal proven employee engagement techniques and solutions. This year’s tour is just around the corner, and here’s a list of the best reasons to attend this year:

1. You’ll get a better understanding of today’s workers

The Worker Experience Tour aims to help organizations struggling with one or more of these three basic worker engagement challenges:

  • Provide tech solutions that speed up work tasks.
  • Understand new ways of working to better reflect today’s evolving global economy.
  • Eliminate communication barriers between leaders and their workforces.

By addressing these issues, workers can more easily be agile, productive, and connected within the organization.

2. Nine convenient locations

We’re excited to have a well-rounded list of cities — there’s likely to be a tour stop near you. We’d love to see you, so check this list of locations and dates against your calendar:

  • Atlanta – April 26th
  • Washington DC – May 9th
  • Boston – May 11th
  • Chicago – May 23rd
  • New York – June 1st
  • Sydney – September 7th
  • Stockholm – September 19th
  • London – September 21st
  • San Francisco – September 27th

3. Get the real statistics to back a better WX

We believe that having happy workers leads to happier customers. But when it comes to proving the ROI of investing in employees, there has been minimal research available … until now. Forrester Research expert TJ Keitt has the proven metrics to reveal the true ROI of investing in WX transformation. Keitt is a renowned thought-leader on how technology facilitates marketing, product development, and innovations.

4. See the latest technology in action

Today, technology drives both the worker and customer experience. We will be demoing the latest in enterprise solutions at the WX Tour, along with some of our sponsors, like Salesforce, Workday, and RingCentral. See real-world solutions in action.

5. Meet leading industry experts

You’ll meet and discuss today’s evolving workplace with experts in change management and WX. These thought leaders have worked with many company leaders to innovate within the workforce and boost employee engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to align people, processes, and technology.

6. Learn from other top businesses

Many successful organizations have created world-class experiences for their workers. Discover what some of your peers are doing to support WX. Network with business leaders from well-known brands, like Unum, General Atlantic, and Buzzfeed, who know global growth equity and what makes WX powerful and successful.

7. A ton of rewards in one afternoon

Each WX event conveniently begins and ends in a span of a few hours. You’ll have the perfect amount of time to connect, network, learn, and philosophize — while still getting home at a reasonable hour for quality family time.

It’s clear the workplace as we know it is changing. The best way to prepare for the change is through education. By attending the WX Tour you’ll have a better understanding of the return on investment from creating positive worker experiences. Knowledge and inspiration await you — register for the 2017 Worker Experience Tour today!

Don’t forget! Get a head start before the WX Tour!
The WX Tour is the perfect accompaniment to our recently-released e-book, The Virtuous Cycle: A Symbiotic Relationship Between Worker and Customer Experiences. After you finish reading Appirio’s Virtuous Cycle, continue learning more about how to engage your employees by attending the WX Tour!

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