8 Valuable Benefits of Using the Appirio Lead Scoring Engine

October 19, 2017 Appirio

By: Dana Lang, Ann Marie Judson-Patrick, and Mindi Staley

Marketers and sales teams use Lead Scoring tools to move new leads to qualified prospects, and develop effective nurture campaigns. To encourage this lead scoring process, we built the Appirio Lead Scoring Engine for Salesforce, a package that implements Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give businesses the ability to enhance their programs with dynamic, automated, easy-to-configure scoring capabilities.

 Edging out the competition

Our asset works natively (and without code) with Salesforce CRM. Standard and custom SFDC object point values can be associated to any field, on. With this package, businesses can score the value of accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Additionally, users have the ability to configure assets to meet their B2B and B2B2C sales, marketing, or operations strategy needs.

Benefits of our Lead Scoring solution

Some of the best things about our Lead Scoring Engine include:

  • A rule-based engine that can be configured by a marketing or sales team member (not just admins).
  • Near immediate results for trigger-based scores.
  • Scores can be calculated at any object level (multiple dimensions), including sub scores for product lines, demographic, opportunity and account attributes, and engagement and behavioral splits.
  • The ability to track any activity or engagement. You’ll have the ability to track email opens and clicks from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (including Journey Builder), mobile engagement from Mobile Push and Mobile Connect, form submissions, and any Sales or Service Cloud activities.
  • Apply breakpoints and logic to cumulative scores to identify higher value accounts and targets, and advance buyers in a journey.
  • Robust reporting in Salesforce to provides detailed performance metrics.
  • Quick snapshots of lead status through simple visual indicators (red/yellow/green) based on scores.
  • Chatter and Workflows automate communications around marketing efforts for every lead.

Scores automatically trigger assignments, so you’ll engage the right sales or service representative at the right time. Our asset simplifies the entire scoring workflow for sales teams.

Appirio uses Salesforce to run your lead scores

Appirio’s Lead Scoring Engine exists in Salesforce, rather than in a separate program, reducing the need for an additional platform. While in Salesforce, it collects data from other programs connected to Sales Cloud (like Marketing Cloud). Take a look at how our Lead Scoring Engine can help clients take their lead lifecycle efforts to the next level.

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