A Better UI Design, Courtesy of the Global Crowd

October 26, 2015 Jiordan Castle


We’ve moved into a digital, mobile-first age, in which the companies with the most agile, social approach to both Worker and Customer Experience reign supreme. Mobius Ltd. provides this kind of on-the-go efficiency in communication with their core product, Jibe!, a native mobile app platform that combines the productivity of a calendar tool with the connectivity of a social network — all at your fingertips.

AppXpress: taking Jibe! to the next level

In addition to its social calendar, Jibe! also has built-in messaging and event group chat, making it easier than ever to communicate with event attendees without having to leave the app. So if you’re running late to a meeting, need to push back the time of an event, or have a photo to share with attendees, you can message attendees, update the event info itself, and even share photos within the app.

Of course, functionality is only one element of a winning mobile app. When Mobius wanted to take Jibe!’s UI to the next level, the company needed professional results quickly… without paying a fortune. Enter AppXpress, Appirio’s marketplace for businesses to build high-quality iOS apps using our global crowd. AppXpress gave Mobius a quick, easy way to tap into the specialized talent necessary to create excellent mobile experiences for customers.

By harnessing the power of top design talent within our crowdsourcing community, Mobius was able to obtain multiple high-quality, innovative designs in just 2 weeks — all while staying on budget. The different options delivered by the crowd and the overall speed provided by AppXpress allowed Mobius to stick to their beta timeline and product launch plans, making for a successful, crowd-based UI solution.

Self-service solutions through AppXpress

AppXpress walks a customer through the initial and most critical stages of the mobile app development process. With just an idea, companies — large or small — can receive a viable design mockup or clickable prototype to see how an app will look and feel within days or weeks. Using the Appirio Services Platform and our competition-based crowdsourcing model, customers get multiple options quickly, allowing the best ideas to rise to the top faster than with traditional methods. And customers pay only for the results they use, making AppXpress (and crowdsourcing at large) an exceptionally cost-effective option.


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